Lining up for Starbucks Clean and Green Tumbler

Before the screening of the Age of Stupid by Greenpeace Philippines October last year at a Glorietta 4 cinema in Makati, a friend mentioned that while you can opt not to have its drinks in disposable cups, Starbucks (there’s one at the cinema lobby) only serves its drinks in no other  mug or tumbler but its own. I told her that then, one has to have a Starbucks mug/tumbler.

Fast forward to early 2010. Since Animetric is giving away a Starbucks Clean and Green Tumbler in her Favorite Things Year 1 Contest, count me in as one of the many lining up for it. 

I want it because it represents the 3 Rs which I am into.  The tumbler is made up of recycled materials. It may be reused over and over again. Good-bye disposable cups, waste is reduced. And since it’s from a reputable company, the tumbler is sure to last long due to high quality, thus eliminating the need to purchase more tumblers/mugs in the immediate future. Buy less, save more resources.

Should I win the Starbucks Clean and Green Tumbler, it will be seeing action not only each time I purchase a Starbucks drink but also when I get my taho fix. It will be my commuter/travel tumbler. Plus, I think it will go well with my eco-totes. 😉

March 17 Update: Are you one of us? Check out the list of winners in Animetric’s Favorite Things Year 1 here.

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