Earth Hour 2010, a Call

On Saturday, March 27, 2010, at 8:30PM, be a part of a global stand against climate change. Turn off your lights for an hour. Other ways to get involved are found here. Basically, aside from one’s own participation, information dissemination is encouraged.

From my own experience, I think it’s important to get people to act, not just know about Earth Hour.  I have to admit, I hesitated for a moment before turning off the lights in our own house for last year’s Earth Hour. First, almost all of our neighbors had their lights on. Granted there were several with their lights out but I could not be sure if they were just not home yet. Wouldn’t we look weird? Second, I had to get everyone in the family to cooperate. And since we have senior citizens in our household, I worried that an accident might occur while we had to make do with candlelight. 

For more information on Earth Hour, visit the Earth Hour global site, or  the Philippine site.

For contest fanatics, they have a photo contest in store. Details are in the Philippine site. Prizes were not mentioned though.

One thought on “Earth Hour 2010, a Call

  1. Great job spreading the word. Earth Hour is an important event, not just because we “save on electricity,” but because it sends a message.

    It is becoming more popular, people are realizing the event, and learning about how much harm we cause our environment. Earth Hour will spread a message of environmental recognition, and continue to push our society into a greener era.

    Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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