Spotting Fake Ipanema Flip Flops

Right printed design, wrong strap

With the proliferation of fake branded stuff in the market (online, at dubious physical stores or from people you know) nowadays, one should  know how to tell a fake from an original . Havaianas, Ipanema, Crocs, Sanuk, FitFlop and Converse are some of the footwear brands that have almost identical fake copies available in our country.

Because of its 3D design, meaning there are prints on the sides, it was easy to spot a fake from an original Ipanema flip flop, for a while. Not so now, there are fakes that have prints on their sides. So how do you tell the originals from the fakes?

1. Check out official websites.  If it’s not in the official websites, chances are it’s a fake.The official UK site’s found here while the Philippine site’s here. Sorry, I have yet to visit other official sites.
2. It’s a fake if the printed design’s correct but the style is different. For instance, the straps or height of the footbed is all wrong for a particular design.  Again, consult the official websites.
3. The prints on both fake slippers are identical when they should be symmetrical or mirror images of each other.
4. The wave-like imprint on the foot bed, which is actually a replica of tiles on the sidewalk along Ipanema beach, do not look like they are linked to each other when they should be.
5. The ‘Spiral of Life’ stud is just a raised gray circle on the fake’s strap.


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