Fashionable Summer Vacay

My attempt to draw swimwear fom Cocomo Clothing and accessories from House of Bling by Matzah

Manila Life is hosting its first blog contest. For details, click here.  I am entering it myself.

Prepping for that Vacay

As temperatures rise during summer, so do hemlines and sleeves.  To be worthy of shorts, skirts and swimwear, it is essential for gams to be smooth and hair-free. House of Glitz Nail Studio offers Halawa Hair Removal or Egyptian Body Sugaring, great for getting rid of unwanted hair (facial, underarms, legs, etc). Also, hair removal helps to get an even tan.

Sandals and flip flops are ideal for summer since they allow feet to breathe, is best for walking on sand (aside from going barefoot, of course) and looks fab with swimwear. To show-off my hands and feet, hand and foot spas and a mani-pedi which House of Glitz Nail Studio offers are in order.

Nailed It

With its wide range of colors and finishes, Orly enables kikay girls to match their nails with their looks and clothes, and keep up with the seasons.

I had Poison Apple for the holidays (After all, red is in season during Christmas.) and wore Country Club Khaki with my everyday outfits in the past. Since summer calls for bright colors, I can make my summer fashionable by donning shades from the Orly Bloom Collection (I’m torn between Blushing Bud and Pure Petunia.). I also think the shades are perfect with the Nude Trend in clothes inspired by the Spring/Summer 2010 runway collections.

No doubt, Orly keeps tips top.

Sizzle not Fizzle

Nothing shouts summer than hot swimwear.

Styles of swimwear from Cocomo Clothing are up to date with Swimwear Trends for 2010. For prints, nautical (Andi), florals (Elle, Led Zepellin) are in. As for cuts and details, cut-outs (Safari Collection), ruffles (Ruffles Collection) and silver hardware (Rockstar Collection), are current.

More important than trends, swimwear from Cocomo Clothing has styles that flatter any figure. I’m gravitating towards Cocomo Clothing’s Ruffles Collection since I have a small bust. Looks like I won’t be a beach/pool wallflower this summer.

I also like that swimwear from Cocomo Clothing allows one to mix and match tops and bottoms.

Completing the Look

Accessories from House of Bling are the perfect punctuations to any outfit. They are versatile to wear in any type of vacay: a city tour, a mountain escape, a beach party. The earrings in particular are classy enough that one can wear them even when one is not on vacay and/or it’s not summer.

A plastic or vinyl tote is ideal for the beach since it is able to keep one’s stuff dry. I dream of Prada Spazzalato but have to make do with a clear plastic tote. With a see-though tote, the bag organizer by House of Bling would keep the contents from being and looking like a mess. And when I have to change bags, say to an abaca number for a day at the La Mesa Eco Park, I just heft the orgainzer into it and edit a few stuff.

April 24 Update: Winners have been chosen! Jump into the  pool  here and here

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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