Joining the 10 Million Movement

a 10 million movement facebook profile image

Hey, it’s Earth Day today. Since it falls on a workday Thursday, some organizations have already held activities last weekend. Campaigns, much earlier.

Last week, my sister and I were at SM Megamall to purchase stuff for our respective trips. I was also meeting a college friend there that day. 

It was there where we came across a signature campaign for the Earth Day Network Philippines’ 10 Million Movement.  The persons manning the sign up tables were encouraging people to “enlist and commit to the Philippine environment”. Running late,  I decided that we check it out after my meeting. My sister agreed. Not a good decision since by the time we came back, the sign up tables were empty. The banners were still there though.  I recalled that the SMS registration details on one of the banners were quite similar to the Earth Day SMS registration details.

I  googled the movement and came upon their really cool webpage wherein every pledge you make gets you a thumbprint/leaf  with your name and pledge on it which you could place on a virtual tree. Neat! You can pledge as many commitments as you can act on. I think this is a great website to get kids interested in and act on environmental issues. The commitments are limited though to the ones listed on the site. Before volunteering information, I checked the privacy policy at the lower part of the website.

The google search also turned up the 10 Million Movement’s main website where one can sign up and join the movement.

Another cool website is that of the Green Army Network where they listed “101 Ways to a Greener Lifestyle”.  They, along with Earth Day Network Philippines have a Text Contest running in support of the 10 Million Movement, details of which are also on their website.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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