3-Day Sale: Stuff to Remember

A mall in the metro is holding it’s biannual 3 day sale until tomorrow, May 2. People are either heading over there or staying clear beacause of the crowds and horrendous traffic mall sales always bring.

There are times when I also would think to myself that I should stop going to them because  a) queueing at the cashier is not really my idea of a great way to waste an hour, b) I don’t like getting squished in the crowds, c) I am quite sure that I will mess up my budget and d) I usually end up making an impulsive purchase, getting something I will regret later. But the chance of picking up a great buy and scoring some freebies would most of the time make me chuck all of these to the back head and join the frenzy.

It was a feeding frenzy alright. I went yesterday and, man, the queues were long and it was crowded especially at escalators.  I am jotting down things to remember for the next sales.

1. Check the mall at least a day before the sale to have an idea where to go and what to buy. Check the prices too to be able to make a budget estimate. Check where the atm machines are.

2. Have a shopping buddy. A shopping buddy is good for second opinions, for scrutinizing stuff and for keeping hordes of super aggressive sales assistants at bay. She/he can watch over the purchases while you use the restrooms or while you purchase more stuff. It’s hard to navigate throngs of people while carrying multiple shopping bags. Just purchase the stuff you need second opinions for first. Queues are long that some people would have their shopping buddy line up while they bring stuff over.

3. Club members get discounts on the first day of the sale. You have to be in the queue at the payment counters at 12 noon or earlier. At 12 noon, either a sales assistant will stand behind the person at the end of the line or will give that person a small flag indicating she/he is the last person to get the discount. So no need to fret that you will not be able to get the discount if you are unlucky enough to line up to a cashier who is on slow mo and talks to other people  instead of focusing on her job. I was one of those unlucky ones actually. I have to wonder if she’s doing it on purpose so people would not line up to her. Queueing for almost an hour makes me think bad things. Yes, I am ranting.

4. Usually, people shop for groceries last hence at 7PM yesterday,  the queue at the baggage counter at the supermarket was long while the ones at the cash registers weren’t. Leave purchases at other baggage counters, at the car or with shopping buddy.

5. Buy in bulk to get more freebies and discounts.  I got the flipflops and bag above after a minimum P1000 worth of purchase inclusive of a featured product at the beauty section of the department store. A P500 minimum purchase inclusive of a featured product also at the beauty sectionof the department store will get you a flipflop. I am not quite sure if the “while stocks last” clause applies to these freebies. Over at Watson’s an P800 purchase inclusive of a featured product will get you a folding clutch.

The bag was quite large and reversible. It’s available in green and orange. One side was in leatherette, the other in cloth. I am not too happy with the quality since my bag’s leatherette side already has a gash, the stitching missed the cloth so I have one part of the cloth side already torn off and the cloth used is quite thin.  I have gotten flipflops as freebies with my Watson’s purchases in the past two years. I  like that they are very soft.  They’ve run out of medium-sized flipflops so i settled for large.

A bulk buy gets you a big plastic bag, easier to carry than several small ones. At home, we find more reuses for big bags (as a wet market bag, as a garbage bag) than small ones.

Will be adding more notes when they come to me. Have to acquaint purchases with their new home.

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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