Pinay Mommy Online’s Summer Swimsuit Giveaway


Pinay Mommy Online is having a Summer Swimsuit Giveaway sponsored by Hamegame, a swimsuit online store in the Philippines. Prizes at stake are:

First Prize: Swimsuit of your choice and a Tic Toc shirt
Second Prize: Butterfly mini dress and a Tic Toc shirt

Know more about the giveaway here.

At left is a sample of Hamegame’s swimsuits, my pick. I want to win this because of the color. Eggplant (or for this swimuit, plum), according to, is one of four colors that flatter most skin tones. The others are mellow pink, true red and indian teal.

Know who the giveaway winners are here.

February 19, 2011 update: Have recently checked the Hamegame multiply site. There’s a close sign at the top of their page. Not sure if it means that the shop is already closed since multiply stores I know which have fold up would take down their site.

Anyways, another swimsuit multiply store worth checking out would be Cocomo Clothing. See their facebook page here and  multiply store here.

2 thoughts on “Pinay Mommy Online’s Summer Swimsuit Giveaway

  1. hi! this is hamegame 🙂

    if you are still interested with this swimsuit we could give it to you for only 850 with free shipping fee 🙂 please contact us at 0923 70 49 854 or 0916 46 22 630

    contact us for further negotiations for the swimsuit 🙂 thanks!

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