Got My Sunsilk Damage Repair Kit

Earlier this year, Sunsilk had an ad in the Philippine Daily Inquirer enjoining everyone to take the Sunsilk Damage Repair 10 Days challenge. Sunsilk promises that within 10 applications of the Sunsilk Damage Repair System damaged hair will be reconstructed. A Sunsilk Damage Hair Repair Sampling Kit will be sent to the addresses of those who sent an sms to a particular number. But, according to the ad, this was until supplies lasts.

Since the ad did say 10 days, I thought that at the very least they will be sending out 5 10ml sachets of each product.   A few days later, people were posting pictures in their blogs of what the Damage Repair Kit looked like. In an orange box sat a 200 ml Sunsilk Damage Repair Shampoo bottle and a 200 ml Sunsilk Damage Repair Conditioner. No sachets. Bottles. Big ones. No Reconstructing Serum though.  Posts about the Sunsilk Damage Repair Kit ran for almost 20 pages in the freebies thread  over at Female Network’s  Girltalk forum.

My sister and I received ours a little over two months after we sent our sms. Just in time to repair the damage caused by summer.  Thank you Sunsilk and Unilever Philippines!

Recently, Sunsilk has been promoting Co-Creations, a “new range of brillian formulations”, the result of teaming up with several hair care experts. If you have come to like a certain Sunsilk shampoo type from the “Life Can’t Wait” series which has been in the market for over two years, better stock up now or until they begin phasing them out that they go on sale or come with freebies.

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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