Getting Creative with Accessories and Make-up

When going out, my idea of experimenting with make-up is lining my lower eyelids with an eyeliner or eyeshadow in a not so neutral shade. Say green.  Yes, I am afraid of experimenting in case the whole thing goes ka-bloey in my face. I am not, after all, an Einstein when it comes to make-up. Though I do like anything related to fashion and beauty and I enjoy poring over fashion magazines and websites.  I would think that I am more textbook than application.

With Beautynomics‘/Jean & Rosz’s Play Make-Up/Accessories Matchmaker Contest comes my attempt at getting creative. The plan is to pick an accessory from Jean & Rosz’s collection and to think of a make-up/look that could go with it.

I was initially drawn to their Wildlife Collection. As a cat-lover, I am captivated by their cat (panther, tiger) pieces. And ever since Scully of the X-Files got an ouroboros (a snake swallowing its own tail) tattoo, this ancient symbol had me fascinated. Since I have low tolerance for pain, getting a tattoo is out of the question but ouroboros-inspired accessories are not. Jean & Rosz’s serpent/snake rings and bangles are close in design. I have, however, finally decided to base my make-up on one of their encasted colored stone rings.

encasted colored stone ring from Jean & Rosz’s collections

This kinda remind me of a robin’s egg. So cute. Cats like birds. It got me flipping through the pages of the fashion glossies in my room until I came upon the picture  I was looking for.  This is our (me and my guinea pig’s) take on one of the look Mark Fast’s models were wearing in the  Spring/Summer 2010 runway. The image of a robin comes to mind.


The lash lines are lined with black eyeliner. For the lower lash line, the liner is drawn a bit thicker and extended then drawn diagonally downward a bit at the outer eye area. An orange metallic eyeshadow is applied on the middle of the eyelids while dark violet eyeshadow frames it on either side.

Since we have a strong eye make-up, we want muted lips and cheeks. Here, we used pale pink lipstick and opted to leave the cheeks bare.

Other options could be gloss, lipstick or nude lipsick for the lips and the lightest colored blush on the cheeks.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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