Make-up Loot from Maybelline

The very first Maybelline product I bought was the Express Make-up Fond De Tint 3 in 1. I got it when I was about to undergo my practicum. I had oily skin with lots of pimples, I badly needed good coverage. My classmates told me to try either liquid or cream foundation. I was a bit apprehensive to try one in liquid form since I kept thinking a) it will run down my oily face and b) I will have a difficult time applying it. At the SM Beauty Section, I snatched up this product since it looks easy enough to apply, it being in cream form and encased in a cylinder. It can be used as a concealer and it promised to control oil and shine.  I got another stick when it delivered its promise. Maybelline has long since discontinued this product.

Several Maybelline lipsticks (I like that they are quite pigmented.)  later, I joined Maybelline Philippines Fan Page over at Facebook.  It’s the fastest way to get in touch with Maybelline. It’s impressive how they are able to keep up with the fan queries and comments there. The not-so secret they said is that there are a couple of them answering the questions. Marketing people from other companies should take their cue from them.

Another reason to join their facebook page is  for the updates. Be the first to know their latest products and sales.  I did not exactly learn this from their facebook page but for the past two years they have been having product price cuts every December, along with Garnier and L’Oreal. All three brands are under L’Oreal Philippines. Unless something runs out or expires earlier (mascara supposedly expires three months after it has been opened), this is when I replenish my stash.

Also, join their facebook page for the contests. At the time this entry’s being written, they have two ongoing.  In fact, I have won the loot pictured here when they picked my entry in their Summer Bauty Tips contest. The set consisted of Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner, Eye Studio Diamond Glow Eye Shadow and Volum’ Express Magnum Waterproof Mascara. Thank You Maybelline!

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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