Nail Care Kit from Cutex

Quite recently, FemaleNework had a promo wherein they gave away Nail Care Kits from Cutex to 120 FemaleNetwork commenters, Facebook fans, Twitter followers and Girltalkers . Yup, that’s a whole lot of winners. In fact, I’m one of them. Thank you, FemaleNetwork and Cutex! I received 2 Emergency Nail Repairs, a clear gloss and 2 nail polishes in Supearl and Pink Connection.

It’s interesting to note that some Filipinos refer to their nail polishes as Cutex as in “Let’s put cutex on your nails. Do you prefer Orly or Opi?” My mom is actually one of them. It’s like Colgate, Xerox and Philippine Rabbit. It’s also interesting that some don’t  know that Cutex is actually a brand and not a common noun.

The first time I learned of Cutex, the brand was from a magazine ad ages ago. There was a picture of a Cutex bottle, very different from the Cutex bottle available here now, filled with red polish. The first time I saw an actual Cutex bottle, it was at the beauty section of a mall. They have a small display  near the large column which has Eskinol products on one side. It’s at the left side if you’re coming from the main entrance.

Know what Cutex products are available by visiting their facebook page here. They have yet to post the names of the nail polishes though but from a press release that appeared in the June 23, 2010 issue of PDI, they have Moccachino, Debutante, Green Tea, Pink Connection, Supearl, Black Affair, Gold Rush, Catwalk Style, Pacific Blue, Indie Glow, Red Hot, Seduction, Pure Cotton, Sparkle and Just Natural with more colors to be introduced soon. For swatches, visit Stylebible’s gallery here.

FemaleNetwork has several ongoing promos here. And while there, why not join the forums as well. If I’m not blog or facebook hopping, that’s where I usually lurk.

2 thoughts on “Nail Care Kit from Cutex

  1. Interestingly enough, many people in Kerala refer to nail polish as cutex. Cutex products is not even available here. I don’t know how it came to be 🙂

    1. Hi Anne. What a small world it is. Here, as far I have known, Cutex only became available about two years ago.

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