Beauties from the Beauty Junkee

Three months ago I wrote an entry on Beauty Junkee’s First Year Anniversary Giveway. She had asked her readers then, “Is character a reflection of beauty?”

After writing a lengthy musing  in my notebook, I decided to post a short answer in her blog entry. After all, I have this tendency to get lost in my musings, I’m sure those reading it would too. I am much happy that Beauty Junkee liked my answer. Thank you Beauty Junkee!

Her own take?

“There is no such thing as ethereal beauty. If there is, then life would be perfect. There is beauty in madness. And an individual’s strive for beauty and goodness internally and externally is what strikes the balance in this mad life; and that’s what makes this world strangely beautiful. Beauty is just a word. Whatever you do out of it is how you define it.”

The letter came with the package she sent. In it, tucked in a green sinamay bag was the Shu Uemure Eye Lash Curler and an unexpected but welcome extra, Queen Helene Facial Masque. She considers it as the best facial masque for 2009. See her review here. Even Girltalkers have been raving out it. Surely, she took to heart what I told her when we got in touch prior, that lining up during the elections had drained the pretty out of me.

If you like shopping hauls, beauty reviews and other things make-up related, visit Beauty Junkee’s blog.

2 thoughts on “Beauties from the Beauty Junkee

    1. Hi kitten! Thank you. I enjoy looking at your hauls too. I have beauty junkee to thank for these goodies. You should see her and Lipstick Addict’s hauls. Mouthwatering.

      Have been really blessed and lucky these past months. Have received a couple of stuff, prizes, freebies. Friends are a whole different category, of course.:)

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