Soap Hoarding

Two sundays ago, July 25,  was Legaspi Sunday Market’s fifth year anniversary. Initially, our plan was to partake of the P180 one-go buffet but since it looked like it was going to rain when we got there,we decided to forego the plan. A good call since a couple of minutes later the heavens decided to drench the whole metro. The downpour lasted well into the evening. A good thing we decided to leave after making a few rounds and not to wait for the rain to stop.

Majority of the vendors at Legaspi Sunday Market offer food items. What we were drawn to were the booths selling organic beauty, bath and body care  products. Among them were ZEN, All Organics, Tindahang Sakto and Human Heart Nature. Of the four, I think it was only ZEN which had product price-offs during the anniversary. Hence, people were flocking to it.

At that time, ZEN soaps were 10 bars for P200 ($4.44). Online resellers sell them at P50 (about $1.11) a bar. Before making the purchase, an argument ensued in my head:

Practical Salmoncat: Wait a minute. You still have how many soaps in your bureau? Not to mention the body washes and shower gels…
Sale-Addict Salmoncat: But these are super cheap!
Picky Salmoncat: Why are they cheap? And they’re all mixed up in the crates. They’re not segregated and the scents seem to have mixed up.
Internet-Addict Salmoncat: ZEN has its share of rants and raves over at GirlTalk.
I’ve read that ZEN soaps melt fast.

Sale-Addict Salmoncat: If they melt fast, I’ll finish them faster.

Well, you know with cats. Curiosity wins most of the time. I haven’t tried ZEN soaps so…

Sale-Addict Salmoncat (looking at the soaps in her shopping tote while on the MRT on the way home): 🙂

There were several variants to choose from and I decided on the following: Cookies and Cream; Chocolate; Choco, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Rolled Oats; Glutathione and Oatmeal; Melon and Milk; Mangosteen; Fruit & Herb Medley; Wine; Boracay and Peppermint.

To visit the webpages of the companies that produce organic beauty products, click on their names: ZENAll Organics, and Human Heart Nature.

The Legaspi Sunday Market is at the Greenbelt Park Parking Lot on Sundays from 7:30AM to 2PM.  Shoppers are encouraged to go eco-friendly and bring their own lunch box for food take-outs and shopping tote. Check out out their facebook fan page and head on to the albums for photos of the vendors and their wares. Hit the ‘Last’ button to skip over the events photos.

July 13 update: Legaspi Sunday Market changed their page on FB from a fan page to a group page.

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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