Urban Flowers Tokyo Perfume from Avon

avon urban flowers tokyo edtLast Friday was not the first time that Avon had a text giveaway.  They’ve done this twice before, I think November last year and February this year.  I was unable to participate last February as I was out of the country. Make-up products worth P600 were the freebies at that time. Can anyone tell me what particularly? I was only able to see the Philippine Daily Inquirer ad which had pictures of True Color Eyeshadow Quad, Supershock Mascara and a lipstick when I got back.

I was lucky the first time in November as I was able to send an sms super early in the morning, right after seeing the PDI ad. My mom and sister too.  My brother was the one who didn’t made it that time. We each got a 30 ml bottle of the perfume, Urban Flowers  Tokyo.  I felt it apt since I’m into things Japanese. I hope though that Avon would work on the staying power of this particular perfume.

But hey, it’s free and I like how it smells.  I’m not good at identifying individual notes but Urban Flowers Tokyo, according to this fragrantica, has cherry blossom, pineapple and woodsy notes. Perfumes should be Avon’s forte since they started out as a perfumery (please correct me if I’m wrong.). Thank- you again Avon. Keep the free stuff coming.


7 thoughts on “Urban Flowers Tokyo Perfume from Avon

    1. hi kitten. yes it does. avon has a couple of scents that i like: ophelia (discontinued), forest interlude, wish of happiness, sweet honesty.

  1. this is the best perfume from Avon. i’m having a hard time finding another bottle. any idea where i could buy this again? :))

    1. Hi Gaeul! Unfortunately, the Avon lady I get my stuff from doesn’t have stocks of Urban Flowers Tokyo anymore. She also does not know if this has been discontinued.

      I asked Avon through their facebook page as to whether the product is still available or has been discontinued. Got no reply. Inquired through their website and emailed them but their reply was unsatisfactory: “Product you are referring below is not included in the product range that we are offering in the Philippines. We will however, forward your request to Marketing Department for possible inclusion in our brochures.”

      1. Hi again Gaeul! I followed up through their website and received a reply that this perfume has been discontinued. 😦

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