Digitel subscribers in our street lost internet connection Monday, dial tones by Tuesday. (Up to now, Digitel has yet to fix our lines. We are seriously considering changing communication providers.)

It was also on Tuesday when someone went to our house, introduced himself as the father of my brother’s godson. He said his child had died of liver failure and will be buried the next day. He knew my brother’s, my mom’s and my dad’s name. There were other things he knew. But my mom, who was the one who had gone to the gate and talked to him, did not recognize him. He said he was tired after walking from the highway to our house. He proceeded to ask money for burial. My mom gave him P300. He asked for P200 more. My mom told him that we don’t have money and that she has yet to buy her medicine. The guy seemed hesitant to leave.

It was later that my sister contacted my brother. He denied having a godchild by the name given by guy who went to our house. It was a good thing that mom did not let him in.

The money counts but what really, really has me wanting to do real damage to the guy is the emotional trauma that he has inflicted on my mom.

Readers,  be forewarned. Don’t let this happen to you. Please tell others about this incident to prevent it from happening to other people .

3 thoughts on “Conned!

  1. Oh my that was one real creepy incident. Good thing your mom didn’t let the man inside your house. Thanks for the warning, will definitely tell this to my friends. Take care

  2. I think so too, I got the chills reading this yesterday, prolly cause all the lights we’re turned off, hehe. Really thankful nothing happened to you and your family.

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