Clear Shampoo for No Snow December

Participated in the Clear Swap Challenge yesterday at Trinoma Mall and brought home a 100ml bottle of Clear Shampoo. Well, three, since there were three of us.

After registering, the Product Representative (very friendly, answered all our queries)  gave each of us three stubs which would enable us to participate in the activities planned that day. One stub was for an intercative game wherein players who could zap all the dandruff flakes by touching a large screen will get their hands on a Clear baller id. It is best to use the second stub and drop by the Scalpod Area first before swapping your empty bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo for a Clear Shampoo. Here your scalp and hair will be assessed to determine their condition and what Clear Shampoo variant’s best for you.  At the Swap Booth, we presented our remaining stub, surrendered our bottles, filled up an info sheet, then were made to choose the Clear Shampoo we prefer.

Clear Shampoo variants  include, for men, Clean Xtreme, Cool Sport Menthol and Hair Fall Decrease . For both men and women, there’s Clean & Itch Control, Complete Soft Care, Hair Fall Defense, Ice Cool Menthol. For more info about Clear (for the Philippine market), visit their webpage and facebook page.

Since we have tons to do that day, we passed up the photo shoot corner and the opportunity to catch at 4PM, actor Jericho Rosales (and possibly meet and have picture taken with him).

If you’d like to participate in the Clear Swap Challenge, the next one’s at Ayala Center Cebu on December 11. Be 1 of the first 1000 to surrender 6 sachets or an empty bottle of an anti-dandruff shampoo except Clear (equal to or more than 6 sachets in volume) in exchange for a 100 ml bottle of Clear Shampoo. More terms and conditions here.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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