Trying Out Pond’s Gold Radiance Radiance Revealed Facial Foam

(This is my entry to Animetric’s Pond’s Gold Radiance Giveaway as well as my observations after using Pond’s Gold Radiance Facial Foam.)

Growing up I subscribed to the notion that one should not put just about anything on one’s face (“‘Wag maglagay ng kung anu-ano sa mukha”). I was afraid that putting stuff on my face would only aggravate its condition. You see, I was that pimply girl. So it was me, the family soap and water during my teens. I had hoped that the breakouts and oil slicks would just be a phase.


No dice. The damage brought on by my bout with acne was done and I have the battle scars to show on my face. I started using facial foam/washes/scrubs, toners and creams. My goal then was to prevent more acne from erupting and keep my skin from getting oily. One of those that I used was Pond’s Perfect Care Cleanser and Toner Facial Wash. Of the four Pond’s facial washes/foams/scrubs at that time, this worked best for my skin. When it got phased out, I turned to Pond’s Oil and Blemish Control Removing Refreshing Wash. I liked it for the minty cool feeling it leaves on my skin. It was in gel form with tiny green beads. These facial washes complimented the other preventive products I was using.

The Refreshing Wash got phased out too. My next Pond’s facial cleanser was White Beauty Pinkish White Glow Lightening Facial Foam. I still have oily skin but  I also want to get glowing, even skintone. I want something for my blemishes and acne marks. Plus, my skin has a tendency to get pasty.

Not getting any younger, I have been incorporating anti-aging products into my routine. Which is where Pond’s Gold Radiance, the Radiance Revealed Facial Foam in particular, comes in.


flakes from peeling

According to the print at the back of Pond’s Gold Radiance Revealed Facial Foam it is “especially designed to gently exfoliate and renew youthful radiance without making skin dry.” It recommends using the facial foam “every morning and evening as the first step in your skincare routine”. The foam’s in cream form with sparse tiny gold beads.

My initial skin condition based on my own observations: oily over-all; prone to break-outs mostly at the chin area; bridge of nose slightly dry, papery; with a sprinkling of blemishes and a smattering of scars brought on by acne; uneven skintone ; pasty under certain lighting.

Here’s what I observed  immediately after using the facial foam:
-right after rinsing off, whitehead debris were sticking out of my pores.
-after patting skin dry with towel, skin doesn’t feel as taut as I had expected. There’s a degree of tautness yes, but not so much. Feeling’s gone after a few minutes.
-skin feels soft to the touch.
-after a few minutes, there was minimal peeling (nagbakbak) at the edge of my lips, sides of my nose and around a particular dry patch of skin. No soreness as a result of peeling experienced.

I proceeded to use the product for one week, twice a day. I refrained from applying toner and creams on my skin to better observe the effects. Even sunblock (gasp!). But I limited my hours under the sun. I would apply make-up though.

Here are my observations after using for a week:
-remember the dry patch? It’s gone.
-no new break-outs on my cheeks and forehead. A couple on my chin though.

I believe that the facial foam delivered its promise of gentle exfoliation. Jury’s still out on the renewed youthful radiance. I don’t really expect anything “big” (say a blemish spot completely gone) to happen after a week of use. I believe products need time for their effects to be visible.  People I interact with have yet to say if they have noticed anything. I haven’t told them anything either. That said, I will be incorporating Pond’s Gold Radiance Facial Foam into my routine.

(PS. No, I did not get fairer in a week. I’m not really super familiar with my camera so I had issues with lighting.)

December 30 update: Scroll down to the bottom of Animetric’s post for results of this giveaway. 🙂

February 13 update: A Thai trader just copied my pics of the pond’s gold radiance foam and had the gall to add watermarks on it! I dare that site owner to post a picture of the back of the product on the yellow green basin as well.

On a more positive note, I was able to pick up the prize (4 Pond’s Gold Radiance products, the ones which were released earlier. The extra Foam in the picture was the one I purchased.) – last Friday from the Nuffnang office. Thanks Animetric, Ms. Trixie Esguerra, Pond’s and Nuffnang Phils.

4 thoughts on “Trying Out Pond’s Gold Radiance Radiance Revealed Facial Foam

    1. sorry for late reply and thanks Kitten. there were things that I failed to mention in the post above, like how I read somewhere that facial foams/washes/scrubs are meant to clean and prep the skin for facial creams, since they are, first and foremost cleansers. They recommend using products from a certain line altogether for maximum benefit. Then there are those that recommend alternating products in case the skin gets “immune”. For me, since the condition of one’s skin is not the same all year, I think it’s best to pick what one’s skin needs at a certain time. But please do not just take my word for this. After all, I am not a dermatologist.

      I also failed to mention that I think the timing for the release of Pond’s Gold Radiance line is great because of both the cold weather (hence dry skin) and the party season when one does not want to end up looking dull in pictures.

      Incidentally, I overheard the Pond’s SA over at Beauty by SM, SM North raving about the Pond’s Gold Radiance Serum to a fellow SA.

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