Many Thanks

I’m grateful that at the end of the day, I have a nice warm bed to plunge into.

I’m grateful that I have my cats and a particular cat who practically follows me around the house. It is this year, 2010, that the two of us grew close together. When I get home, I would find her waiting for me in front of my bedroom door. She would sleep at the foot of my bed after I feed her a bedtime snack. She would sit or nap close to where I am when I’m home.  I wuv you too darling cat.

I’m grateful that I’m generally a healthy indvidual this 2010 with no major, major ailments, just aches, sniffles, coughs, migranes and headaches. Water does work wonders.

I’m grateful that I could still coax my sister to give me a massage. She’s very good at it.

I’m grateful that my nephew who turned one this year, a few days after my birthday, is growing up to be a really smart and cute young fellow. Miles apart, it’s been 4 months since I’ve touched him myself and yet through photos and videocam,  I am continually amazed by him. Meet “Great White Bear”, one of his toys when he was with us.

I’m grateful for the internet. For facebook and blogs. For helpful, informative sites. To people who visited my blog, thank you. Just seeing the blog stats go up puts a smile on my face. To people I’ve met online, it has been a pleasure and I do hope the virtual community would be stronger in 2011.  More posts! More posts! To Kitten, I actually gush about you to my sister.

I’m grateful for the affirmations I have been receiving. The prizes are much appreciated, the acknowledgments moreso. Thank you to the bloggers and the companies who have been giving away lots of really, really cool stuff.

I’m grateful for my family. We are actually quite tight-knit, with differing opinions sure. And likes. I like cats, my brother likes dogs. Big dogs who hate my cats. My sister is into Koreanovelas nowadays while my dad is into Pinoy comedies. Imagine them with just one TV with cable. My mom wants salty, my aunt bland. And they tend to end up in the kitchen together. After all the “Hay naku!s”, I’m glad we have each other.

I’m grateful for friends who know just what I’d like to hear. Hehe. I mean come on, I tend to flagellate myself too much already. I know when I’m wrong. I just want to be petted…Okay fine, I’m grateful for friends who tell me what I don’t want to hear thereby making my wounds deeper. 🙂 Kidding.

I’m grateful to everyone who have extended their help to me and my family.  And to a certain someone who helped my dad get his long due monthly pension.

I’m grateful to people, strangers who have extended a helping hand when they could have just looked the other way. Among them:

  • a guy in yellow shirt, which seems to be his uniform, who offered to carry my 15 kilo luggage after seeing me struggle up the stairs at MRT Taft.
  • a guy seated at the row behind me who helped me close a van’s door as the ones who got off didn’t bother and the ones next to it didn’t want to either.
  • a girl skinny as  I was who helped me wrestle open a van’s door at another time.
  • the manager of the restaurant where we recently ate for being very attentive.
  • fastfood and resto crews who have the initiatve to tell us that they offer senior citizens discounts.
  • a Kenny Rogers crew who also took the intiatve of replacing my soda after noticing soda pooling beneath it.  
  • a girl who gave my aunt a seat at a jampacked northbound MRT train. She stood at Guadalupe and  got off at Quezon Avenue. That was real sacrifice.

To everyone else I have left out, I apologize but know that I’m grateful that you have been a part of my 2010.

(I am acknowledging iMom’s contest for the extra push that finally brought forth this gratitude list. My feelings are very much sincere and that contest or not, you guys know that 2010 has been very real. )

January 4 update: If you have expressed your gratitude as well, you may want to check imom’s post to see if you’ve scored GCs.

4 thoughts on “Many Thanks

  1. awww, you’re so sweet salmoncat~

    good that your 2010 will end meaningfully for you. Happy new year to you and your cute cute kitty. He actually looks like the stray cat roaming around our house.

  2. Hi Salmoncat! This is a beautiful list – thank you for sharing with us! Reading your entry and the others’ comments has put a smile on my face. Whatta good way to start a new year. Happy New Year to you!

    1. Happy New Year too Chateau! And thanks for having this contest. I think it’s a beautiful list because the people (and animals and stuff) who are in it are.

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