My Main Goal for 2011

(Ajay’s Writings on the Wall, courtesy of Viviamo Inc, is giving away planners to 6 lucky readers. For giveaway details, head on here. This is my answer to the query posted for the Belle De Jour 2011 Power Planner.)

For 2010, one of my New Year’s resolutions/goals was to make a habit of drinking 8 or more glasses of water daily. I was able to accomplish this by making sure that I drink a glass after each meal and 2 each in the morning, afternoon and evening. I used the BDJ 2010 Planner ‘s Habit Tracker to keep me in check. “It only takes 21 straight days to make a habit,” it says. Seems easy but it wasn’t since there were times water was not easily available. But it was doable.

balls to be made into cannoli tubes

For 2011, my New Year’s resolution/goal would be to really learn cooking and everything that goes with preparing dishes including cleaning fish and poultry. I want to be able  to prepare fancy, complicated, yummy and not just edible dishes. Not just pasta or sauteed dishes or  fried ones.

I tend to think of cooking as a chemistry expirement. There are materials, procedures then results. So my game plan is to have access to recipes.  I will be checking out new internet sites and blogs which carry what I think are neat recipes to try, as well as get updates from sites I’ve frequented in the past. I plan to pick and implement two recipes per new site. If both don’t turn out okay then the site doesn’t get bookmarked.  If it’s a hit and a miss, then I ‘m going to try one more recipe as tie-breaker.

I will be more diligent in clipping recipes that find their way into newspapers and packages of certain grocery items like condensed milk and seasonings.

I plan to set aside a budget for ingredients, cookbooks and possibly for more cooking gadgets and utensils. It could be a new category in the BDJ 2011 Cashflow Tracker.

I will also be asking help from my aunt and mom. My aunt, an HE major, has been trying to teach me how to clean fish and poultry and identify their guts to no avail. They all look the same to me. It’s time I pay close attention. It’s also time that they hand me down recipes they’ve learned from their mom, like suman with choco centers. I will also be hanging out in the kitchen more so I could watch them cook, learn techniques and participate. I’ve been doing this in the past but not like a hawk. More like a cat, swiping bits of food placed on the table.

I will also be taking note of cooking tips and where to purchase certain ingredients. Thank you internet and cooking shows.

Since I’m busy during weekdays, it’s the weekends for me. The target is to cook atleast 1 dish a week. I’ve learned while  trying to fulfill my 2010 goal that it is essential to set specific time and dates so as to stay focused. A planner will come in handy for this.

For the moment, that’s it. I expect to polish the plan once I get into the groove of things. For now, excuse me as I pore over today’s paper. It’s Thursday, there should be recipes in the Lifestyle Section.

February 2 update: Did you join? Did you win? See results here.

2 thoughts on “My Main Goal for 2011

  1. Hi salmoncat! You might find Yummy Magazine/website to be very useful to new cooks. They have simple recipes that are delicious. For the guts thing, I just take out anything that looks yucky/gross. Hahaha! I’m excited for you! Cooking is one of my most favorite things to do!

    1. Hi LadyE! Haven’t been to Yummy Magazine’s website but I’ve been to 240baon. Your love for cooking shows through. Have yet to try your recipes. Thanks for cheering me on.

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