Of Twelve Fruits and Twelve Days

Playing a starring role on our dining table last New Year’s eve were 12 kinds of round fruits. Like most Filipinos, we have embraced the Chinese belief that this will bring the family good luck in the coming year (although if one is going to be rather technical, the Chinese New Year is on February).  On the table were: grapes, longgan, pineapples (a good luck fruit to the Chinese), a watermelon, a honey dew melon, pears, apples, star apples and chico. The orange family also had a reunion. Present were dalanghitas, kiat-kiats,  ponkans and oranges smaller than a ponkan but bigger than a kiat-kiat and not looking much like a dalanghita that count as the 13th.

I kept telling the family that tomatoes and calamansi qualify as fruits too, but they didn’t think those worthy of being in the top twelve. Oh well.

Also, my mom and aunt has this superstition about the weather experienced in the first 12 days of January being representative of the weather we are going to experience in the 12 months of the current year. Hence, since it was gloomy last January 1, at least where I am at, it’s going to be generally gloomy on January. If this holds any water then the reverse would also be true, meaning since the 8th of January represents August and it’s generally rainy on August, better pack an umbrella on January 8.  Anyway, this is just a superstitious belief. I can’t think of anything to lose if one is to take note of the weather in the next few days.

January 10 update: So far, it only rained yesterday, January 9 (September).

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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