You are Cruel Landmark Trinoma!

Yes you are.

You’ve made me spend a thousand bucks on paper products last January 1, when one is not supposed to spend on anything since it IS  is the first day of the year. It is another one of those superstitious beliefs of my mom and aunt. Spending on January 1 would have you spending the whole year through.

See, I have been checking out the stationery section of Landmark Trinoma since December after I spotted and purchased a cute blue planner with a cat on the cover for P89.75.

I have been back a couple of times and have purchased several other paper products with cat prints.  Practically anything that has a cat on it. The biggest splurge was last January 1. I have debated whether to purchase them on some other day but from experience the paper products move really fast that there was a time when all that’s left of a fancy notebook that I had wanted to buy  was one with a dirty cover and closure that was not working at all.

In this age when a notebook is laptop, it is comforting to know that there are other people like me who are into paper products. I was not the only one there stuffing planners, journals and notepads into a shopping basket. And if you think only girls buy these stuff, ha! I spotted several guys too. Couldn’t help overhear one remark to his companion that this was where he got the planners he gave to their friends. How nice of him.

I am also pleased with the male bagger as he had carefully bagged my loot. On a side note, this particular payment counter, the one at the gifts and novelties section, allowed me in the past to stash my purchases in my bag when I asked them if I could do without the plastic bag. Just keep the receipts on hand. Nice, right?

notebooks from Landmark Trinoma

I just wish that the female sales assistant they assigned at the tables for the paper products would stop hovering so I could easily go through the items.  Except for her, everything was great. The male sales assistant was helpful though as he came to my and another customer’s aid in hunting down certain designs.

Yes, you are cruel Landmark. But being a sucker for all things cat (so hard to resist such cuteness!), I look forward to your new stocks. Will be seeing you soon.

4 thoughts on “You are Cruel Landmark Trinoma!

    1. Thank you. Your babies (Qish and Rue) are super adorable too. 🙂 And that was very kind of you to donate your winnings to charity.

  1. I saw those notebooks, pads, etc at Landmark Makati too and I would pass by them every single day. I tried so hard to stop myself from buying because I still have a lot of paper products (accumulated since grade school!). Now I kinda wish I bought even just one. Inggit ako! We are soooo similar! we both like cats, and paper products and pens. hahaha! and bookstores!

    1. You know what, I also like getting those freebies from Watson’s/Beauty by SM. The ones wherein you need to purchase a certain amount of stuff. I too got that green bag May last year and the sparkly keychains from December 2009. And yep, I have notebooks and stationeries from grade school too. My mom once kidded that my room and my sister’s are fire-hazards. 🙂 Yung pag may nahulog na nakasinding posporo, woosh, tupok agad. Knock on wood.

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