Glittery Nails

Meet  Winmax Delicia which I got from Saizen for only P58  (1.25 USD) when they had that Big Switch sale August last year. I was a bit apprehensive purchasing this, was thinking why it was on sale. But I am quite pleased I did get it.

In the bottle, the nail polish is a glittery pink. It does not have a fancy name as Orly and Opi nail polishes do. When I googled Winmax nail polishes, it looks like the colors are identified by numbers. The only number I found was at the bottom of the bottle. “18,” it says.

The 10ml bottle looks really cute.

On my nails, the nail polish is a translucent very pale pink, almost colorless. Much like a clear nail polish with a barely there pink tint. Similar to the one mom would use instead of the clear nail polish. To make it appear one has healthy pinkish nails.

on paper

Except this one has fine glitters. I initially thought that the nail polish is clear and that the glitters were the ones of pink color. After swiping on a white sheet of paper, it’s definitely the polish that’s pinkish.

What I like about this particular nail polish is that the glitters are so subtle that it can be worn to work. Note in the above picture my pinky. When not hit by the light, the glitters are not noticeable. Five months from when I bought it, it still applies evenly yet dries quickly. Will be checking out other colors soon. There were others in Saizen but were not on sale at that time.

The Saizen stores I visit are the ones inside Handyman, 1st level of Trinoma in Quezon City; at the 3rd level Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas and lower ground floor of Ali Mall in Cubao. Do visit their multiply site to see more kawaii (cute) items. Oh, if you are a Saizen addict like I am, head on to the activity area of Robinson’s Galleria on January 25-28, 2011 for the clearance sale.

2 thoughts on “Glittery Nails

    1. Thank you, I seem to recall that you have a post about a nail polish which was almost similar to this one. Or was that Kitten?

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