Enjoying Pleasant Weather

a pinwheel my brother bought

I apologize if this post may seem insensitive given that there are certain areas in the country experiencing floods. 

It’s just that I love January and February for the weather. Here at our place, it’s cold and a bit windy with just the right amount of sunshine thrown in. It’s been that way since I was a kid, although as I am being particular observant because of this post, there have been days with rain these past weeks which is pretty unusual.  Still, it’s perfect weather for flying kites since the sun’s rays does not sting as much as during summer.

When the heat gets too oppressive and there’s no wind during summer (middle of March to May), my aunt would whistle this tune which she says is sure to bring a breeze. Yes, another superstitious belief. Does it work? Well, it could just be coincidence.

But summer is two months away. And though the weather bureau says that we are in for La Nina this year  (huge amounts of rainfall, so not like.), we still have four months to go before the rainy season. For the moment, I will be sipping a steaming mug of coffee (with cream and sugar) at our terrace, darling cat on my lap,  as I take a breather from all things bugging me and just enjoy the moment.

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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