Lady E’s Favorite Things Giveaway – Part Three

Darn, I missed joining the second installment of Lady E’s Favorite Things Giveaways. To answer her query for that particular contest, I don’t really have a signature perfume but I tend to gravitate towards citrusy and cool scents. Hmm, I think I mentioned somewhere online that I like Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue particularly because my dad got me this perfume, and Avon Wish of Happiness. Right now, I’m almost through with my bottle of Avon Just Play.

Not wanting to miss the third installment, I’m posting my daily facial skin care regimen (which I also have mentioned somewhere online before): cleansing, toning, moisturizing, protecting for day and cleansing, toning, moisturizing for night.  I also use an eye cream at night. To remove makeup, I turn to cold cream, sometimes a cleansing milk. I turn to acne creams and gels to zap a zit when I feel one coming up.  Facial scrubs and masks are a weekly thing for me. I am both a trier and a product loyalist. I like trying stuff.  I would then take note of if a product works on me or not.

Submission of entries for the third installment of her giveaway ends today. Go visit her post to know how to win the following Clinique items: All About Eyes and 7Day Scrub Cleanser. Now!

 To know more about Clinique All About Eyes, check out Lady E’s review here.


4 thoughts on “Lady E’s Favorite Things Giveaway – Part Three

    1. HI Hayidan. Sure does. Deadline was last night (PST). Unfortunately, it’s for Philippine readers only. Maybe if you have relatives here, they could join if a giveaway from Lady E in the future comes up.

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