Brand on my Dresser: Avon

Avon is a brand I grew up with. It’s my mom’s preferred makeup  probably because it was very convenient to get Avon products from the Avon lady than to go to malls since malls were pretty scarce in the 80s.

Since we’re familiar with it, it may have been our top of mind when we were in our teens, me and my sister have been drawn to Avon products ever since (Plus, I enjoy browsing through their catalogs).  Let’s see. Off the top of my head, the following Avon perfumes and purse concentrates have at one time or more, sat on my dresser: Just Play for Her (orange bottle cap), Wish of Happiness (endorsed by Angel Locsin), Ophelia (they stopped making this), Urban Flowers Tokyo (from a giveaway, not purchased. ), Sweet Honesty, Forest Interlude, Yessamin and Imari. I have also tried Heaven Scent Angel Blue Splash Cologne.  I also have a couple of Avon accessories, eyewear, two-toned glamour bracelet, Royal Sapphire ring and earrings, which my dad bought years ago, so I know that Avon accessories lasts for years.

I am more of a Simply Pretty (Avon’s makeup line for the younger set)  gal. I like the Lip and Cheek Tint. And I also have the Pressed Powder and the Blendable Eyeshadow Duo in Earth Angel. As a kid, I would covertly swipe my mom’s Flavor Savers on my lips. I admit to using Avon UMR lipsticks though and I currently also have UCR Mega Impact Lipstick in Fuchsia Fun in my makeup stash. I am thankful to both Kikay Exchange and Avon for their giveaway last year and picking me to win. I have been able to use the Super Shock Mascara and share with a friend and my sister the Glazewear Liquid Lip Color, the Mineral Blush and the Eyeshadow Single.

I have yet to try an Avon skincare product for the face though.

But I have tried their shampoo (spearmint I think), own a couple of lingerie sets (one of which I share my name with), applied body souffle and lotion on my skin (Wish of Happiness, Breathlessly, Skin So Soft – the latest of which were also from a giveaway), wore a pair of their shades and got other stuff as gifts to friends.

I like their two-fers, promos, bundles, price-offs (I look for the “Lowest Price this Year” mark on their brochure.) and freebies.  At one time, my sister became an Avon lady because we wanted to get discounts and more freebies. Sadly, hectic schedules interfered that she couldn’t go to the dealer near our place anymore. But since one of her co-workers is an Avon lady herself,  we are still very much “suki” (loyal customers) of Avon.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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