Looking for THE Potty Trainer

First, I would like to thank the girl who gave up her seat in an MRT train for my mom last Jan 30, Sunday, at around 5 PM. She wore a dark blue and white top (I’m not sure if there was red.) and stood from Shaw Boulevard to Cubao MRT Station. Thank you very much and may you and your family be treated with the same kindness as you have shown us.

What she did was a big thing for us as we have been foot weary going all around the metro two weekends past looking for what my mom thinks should be the perfect potty seat for my nephew. We’ve been to the baby section of department stores of both SM North and SM Megamall, Landmark Trinoma, Robinson’s Galleria, Ever Gotesco Caloocan and even to Divisoria. 

We even went to the Baby Fair in SM Megamall.

We came home empty handed.

See, my mom and I spotted THE potty trainer way back in October at the Ever Gotesco Caloocan department store. It looked really comfortable as it was wide enough, had arm rests, a high back rest and no potrusions on the seat which would separate baby’s legs. The poo catcher is removed from the back. Baby can use this particular potty trainer as a baby chair, just put the removable lid back on, to cover the hole.  It didn’t have legs, the solid plastic material from the base up thick enough to support a heavy toddler. And it only cost around P400.

My brother and his family were moving to a new flat that time so we decided to get this particular potty trainer afterwards. Unfortunately, someone else also thought that it was a great potty trainer and snapped it up before we did. 

The next potty trainers we saw fell short – not so high back rest, no arm rest, can’t be used as a baby chair, not sturdy enough, has a potrusion that would separate baby’s legs, the poo catcher has to be removed out front, is a flip-top. Or we didn’t like the price. I mean we saw a perfect P400 potty trainer.  There were potty trainers that made flushing sounds, had seats that can be used when the toddler is ready to use the real thing or had  animal designs, ones wherein baby can hold on to the animal’s head (somewhat like pony’s on a carousel) while pooping.

It also seems that stores carry not more than five kinds of potty trainers, average of three.  It made me wonder if toddlers even use these things. I know my siblings and I had a potty trainer when we were little. There’s apicture of it in our photo album. It was made of wood.

Will we still look for THE potty trainer? I’m not sure. Maybe my brother will just get one where they now live or have one custom made.

February 18 update: There’s a wider selection of potty trainers (and this relative to the places we’ve previously been through) at the department stores of SM Makati and Market Market.

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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