Pringles Grilled Bangkok Chicken Wing and Smoky BBQ

Recently, my brother brought us cans of Pringles Potato Crisps Street Food Bangkok Grilled Chicken Wing and Smoky BBQ as pasalubong from Singapore. There have been flavors that get to be available there first before hitting local stores. Like Soft Shelled Crab and Seaweed. They were in the shelves of Tampines Mart when I went there February last year but news about them circulated here only around April.

A quick check of the Pringles shelves during yesterday’s trip to the snack section of the department store did not yield the Bangkok Grilled Chicken Wing. But we saw cans with design similar to that of the Smoky BBQ.  Although the word BBQ was retained, the rest of the name which I coudn’t recall, was different.

I decided to write this while munching on the crisps so I could better describe them. After a couple of minutes, I had to leave the cans on our dining table as I could not stop eating and this post was going nowhere. I have always been fond of potato chips and Pringles is one of the brands I  like since it is really crispy, has the right thickness, not oily as some potato chips are and is evenly fried.

On the Pringles Smoky BBQ’s label tomato, onion, garlic, cumin, beef extract, paprika extract, milk powder were listed as components of the flavour, aside from other spices. The crisps had red specks. Not too spicy. Slightly sweet. Can definitely taste the tomato and cumin. My sister doesn’t like this because of the slight smell that reminds her of Wendy’s Chili.

The Pringles Bangkok Grilled Chicken meanwhile had onion, garlic, soy sauce, celery, paprika extract and other spices making up the flavour. When I popped a crisp into my mouth, the taste of onion just explodes.  Not too spicy. Couldn’t detect the chicken though. But then, I did not see chicken in the list of ingredients. Must have been regarded as flavourings. I can’t compare this with the real stuff since I have yet to taste the latter.

A google check showed that there are other flavors under the Street Food line-up: Indonesian Satay and Hong Kong Fishball. Yes, it’s different from the US Pringles Street Food line.  Hoping I would get to crunch on those soon.

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