Lady E’s Favorite Things Giveaway Part Seven

I apologize for not posting this series of giveaway in the order they appeared in Bits and Treats. This is part seven of Lady E’s Favorite Things Giveaway Series. Here, an Etude House Mini Size U Gift Pack (Prize 1) battles it out with a couple of Lady E’s favorite green beauty products – Green Sunsilk Shampoo, Elf powder brush, Victoria Vogue wedge sponges and Maybelline Extra Care Lip Balm in Mint (Prize 2) for followers’ affection. Between them I’d pick #1 since my sister is one big Etude House fan.


Giveaway is open for Philippine-based followers and ends February 27. For details head on here. Do check out her site, Bits and Treats for more reviews of beauty products.

If you’ve clicked the contest link, you’d have known that Lady E ‘s favorite color is green and that she asks her followers what theirs is.

spot the cat paw.

Sprouts pushing through dirt,
And greeting the seeping sun,
A moment of calm.

Above is a screengrab of an FB post I’ve made last February 8. Above still is an attempt at haiku.

Isn’t it obvious what my fave color is?


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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