Lady E’s Favorite Things Giveaway Part Four

So this is the Fourth installment of Lady E’s (she of Bits and Treats and the Hyphen Store) Favorite Things Giveaway.  DIY pampering is the theme and as such pamper packs are the prizes.

Pamper Pack #1


  • blue bag organizer
  • Purederm Spot Reducer Gel Patches
  • Purederm Strawberry Yogurt Pack
  • Purederm Grape Yogurt Pack
  • Purederm Vitalizing Green Tea Pack
  • Purederm Shiny and Hydrating Hair Mask
  • Asian Secrets Lurlur Whitening Body Scrub

Pamper Pack #2


  • Kenzo Power
  • Purederm Hydro Soothing Aloe Pack
  • Purederm Collagen Eye Zone Mask
  • Bench Acnedot
  • Asian Secrets Lurlur Whitening Body Scrub

The giveaway ends tomorrow, February 27, 2010, no if and buts. Do join this if you are based in the Philippines.   Giveaway details are found here.

So my favorite DIY skin pampering  product happens to be cheap, versatile and handy (Wouldn’t spill all over and is available in containers that can fit into your palm.).  It’s the often overlooked Petroleum Jelly.

I don’t exactly remember my mom using this on me when I was a toddler but I do remember seeing her and helping her apply this in between the fingers and toes of my younger siblings. Cotton buds would then be used to remove the dirt stuck in the nook and crannies.

While there are people who have been extolling how petroleum jelly has softened their skin, there are websites saying  that petroleum jelly ain’t exactly the best there is. So there might be doubts about the idea of using it on baby skin but my nephew’s pedia recommends this for insect bites. Here’s a link to an article from the PDI about petroleum jelly and wound healing.

This seems to be what the pro and against agree on: depending on how you look at it or use it, petroleum jelly acts as a barrier or a shield. It keeps moisture in and keeps moisture (and other stuff) out.

I obviously belong to the group that swear on it’s softening capabilities.  I get the pack which contains three mini jars. One for my feet, another for my lips and the third for the etc.

If I will be wearing sandals or flipflops the next day, I would smooth petroleum jelly onthe soles of my feet after bath and before going to bed the night before. Then into socks they go. The socks come off the next day. Good morning soft, happy feet.  I make sure that my room’s temp is on the cool side as feet + petroleum jelly + socks = too warm.

I also use petroleum jelly to exfoliate my lips at least once a week. I’ve read about this from some beauty article (can’t recall if it was from an online source or a mag rag). Basically, on a small mixing dish, sugar is added to petroleum jelly. I would apply the mixture on my lips then use a kid’s soft-bristled toothbrush to rub it all over. I would then tissue off the mixture and apply either petroleum jelly or lip balm on my lips.

Still on the topic of DIY but not on skin pampering, we would also apply petroleum jelly on the forehead, parts of the neck and ears of my mom before using those DIY hair coloring creams so we could easily remove stains.

Yes, I have tried using it as make-up remover but wasn’t happy with the oily feeling and the grease it left so I’m not doing that again.

Over all, I’m happy with petroleum jelly and it wouldn’t be leaving my dresser anytime soon.

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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