Lady’s Favorite Things Giveway Part Five

The spotlight is on Etude House in the fifth installment of Lady E’s Favorite Things Giveaway.  The prize is revealed to be beauty products from this Korean brand:  Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam and Happy Teatime Makeup Remover.

Rush on over to Lady E’s post here for giveaway details.  The entire giveaway is for Philippine-based followers and ends February 27. That’s tomorrow!

Not sure if this product is for you? Lady E has reviews for the Cleansing Foam here and the Makeup Remover here to help you make up your mind.

Actually, my sister is the one really crazy about Etude House. That’s her below in front of a wall ad in Singapore. She said it was near the Fountain of Wealth. I think it was at Citilink. Had to blur her out. Hehe. Isn’t the white cat stuff toy on Lee Min Ho’s shoulder cute ? They were given free upon reaching a required minimum purchase early last year here in the Philippines. Sadly wasn’t able to get my hands on that.

So what brought on my sister’s fascination with the brand? Koreanovelas and K-pop. My sister is such a fan that see, even I now know about KBS and Arirang (Korean TV channels). Apart from a slew of Koreanovela and K-pop stars as product endorsers, Etude House collaborates with these people to come up with product lines and limited edition items.

K-pop stars aside, and although my sister’s the bigger fan, I have liked Etude House on facebook and would drool at their products on their website (Dear website admin, if you are reading this, could you please also post product descriptions? thank you.) because they have some nice (and kawaii) stuff that work, give freebies and aren’t marked up really high.  Yep, I have a pink membership card. Still, don’t let all the pink fool you, for the products, even the ones with cutesy names (dear darling lipstick, anyone?), mean business.

Take my fave, Dr. Oil Solution Shine Free Dual Primer, for instance.  I have oily skin so my face gets shiny really fast. It’s not pretty. With this product I am able to shine for the right reasons and not be all shiny.

Some of the words on the product’s tube are in Korean, so I don’t get that but the box which houses the tube promises that this “moisturizing and pore coverage makeup primer improves foundation longevity.” The pore cover has shimmers. I have read somewhere that just the right amount of shimmer diffueses light to give the illusion of smaller pores. Anyways, my pores didn’t get any smaller and I can still see them when I look closely in the mirror. But with face powder, any face powder, my face remains oil-free until lunch time and sometimes beyond.


Basing on the lists of ingredients printed on the box, this primer is composed of a 35ml moisturizer, found in the tube; and of a 1.5g pore cover, found under the flip-top cap.  Since there’s very little of the pore cover, I always end up with more moisturizer so what I would do is I would use the moisturizer (then whatever sunblock I have) then the pore cover before leaving the house and the moisturizer alone when I get back home. Both moisturizer and pore cover has to be applied before putting on face powder for the oilies to be kept at bay.

Of course, used alone, the moisturizer will not be able to control oil. Come morning time, I would wake up to large pores which is  pretty normal for me. It is easily absorbed by my skin and smells, I think, like Johnson’s Baby Cologne, the Regular Scent.

Slightly off topic, my darling cat has been acting princess-y lately. I wanted her to pose with the product. I figured she would do as I don’t have Lee Min Ho’s cat. Darling cat says she’s a star and no way she would be a double but would take the job if she gets extra galunggong in her dinner. Bad darling cat. I refused. Darling cat has been having way too much galunggong bribes already.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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