Lady E’s Favorite Things Giveaway Part Six

The sixth installment of Lady E’s Favorite Things Giveaway is all about perfumes. As such, the prize is L’ Eau Par Kenzo for Men and Be Givenchy for Women. This giveaway is sponsored by Lady E’s Migraine Boy.


Giveaway rules can be found here. Join if you are based in the Philippines. Hurry as the contest end tomorrow, February 27, 2011.

Currently, the men in my life are all cats (tuna, salmon, maki, pikit, suwerte and takas)  and I will be getting them catnip soon.  Kidding. Well, not entirely as I will really be getting them catnip because they got jealous when I told them of Qish and Rue (See this Pawsomecats entry – so cute).

So, February last year, I was waiting for my baggage to show up on the conveyor belt of NAIA3, when the area was suddenly filled with this strong scent. A guy took his luggage, opened it and announced, “Buti na lang hindi yung sa misis ko.” (Good thing, it’s not my wife’s.) Turns out one of the bottles of perfumes he was bringing home got broken in transit.

This summer, if everything goes as planned, I would be visiting one of my brothers who, as I have mentioned in previous posts, currently works and resides in Singapore with his family. When I head back home, I already know what I will be getting my youngest brother for pasalubong: a bottle of Aspen Cologne Spray.

 A look into his shelves yields an assortment of scents. Let’s see…Zen Zest Cool Cologne, still full, Hugo Boss  Dark Blue, CK Eternity for Men, Baby Bench Colonia Ice Mint, Adidas Sports Field EDT, an empty bottle of Addidas EDT Team Force and Drakkar Noir (Whoops. Depressed the spritzer. That still has some in it. Can’t see contents because of the bottle’s opaque – damn, now he’ll know I went through his stuff.).

But he is quite obsessed with Aspen (especially now that there’s little left on the bottle) that he would incessantly remind people to get him this whenever someone comes home from SG (Above are two of his love letters. Click pics to enlarge).  As if he really needs to. I haven’t checked if Aspen is available locally but some perfumes are cheaper in SG, especially during the Great Singapore Sale, so we tend to get those from there.

The scent is similar to the Cool Water for Women, a citrusy scent, which I also like and once have a bottle of. Fresh and clean are adjectives that comes to mind. Yep. This is why I confronted him one time accusing him of using my perfume.  After smelling the Aspen bottle, I had to say good bye to Cool Water.  No way are we going to smell the same.

I am not sure if I’m gonna get my dad Jovan Musk. He says this had been his scent for years but he has admitted that his nose has been really sensitive of late. So it might be chocolates for him. As for my brother in SG, I think something from home would better, say pastillas.

I am single and currently not in a romantic relationship.  They are the men in my life.

As for myself, I plan on getting another bottle of Avon Just Play for Her EDT. ” Feel good. Just play. A burst of sparkling tea notes blended with fresh florals and soft sandalwood,” says the box. According to, Just Play for Her has “aromatic and relaxing accords of tea, petit grain, cardamom, middle notes: freesia, clementine, base notes: sandalwood, musk and wood.” It says that this fragrance is ideal for summer.


For me, the smell is sweet and fresh and more floral than citrusy. I have been using this fragrance this past months and have come to associate it with a couple of things aside from good memories. Of early morning walks,  of too sweet iced tea on late afternoons, of bright colored floral tops and of Christmas shopping.



Edited 2/28/11: added grabs of emails.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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