Lady E’s Favorite Things Giveaway My Final Post

Lady E’s Favorite Things Giveaway has gone on for a couple of weeks and culminates tonight, February 27, 2011. To recap, here are all the prizes which are up for grabs in:

Prize #1 – Clinique All About Eyes and 7-Day Scrub Cleanser

Prize #2 – Asian Secrets Lurlur Whitening Body Scrub, Purederm Spot Reducer Gel Patches, Purederm Strawberry Yogurt Pack, Purederm Grape Yogurt Pack, Purederm Vitalizing Green Tea Pack, Purederm Shiny and Hydrating Hair Mask, blue bag organizer


Prize #3 – Asian Secrets Lurlur Whitening Body Scrub, Purederm Hydro Soothing Aloe Pack, Purederm Collagen Eye Zone Mask, Bench Acnedot, Kenzo Power


Prize #4 – Etude House Happy Teatime Makeup Remover and Cleansing Foam 

 Prize #5 – L’Eau Par Kenzo and Be Givenchy


Prize #6 – Etude House Mini Size U Gift Pack


Prize #7 – Green Sunsilk Shampoo, Elf powder brush, Victoria Vogue wedge sponges and Maybelline Extra Care Lip Balm in Mint

Prize #8 – Clinique Samples

Prize #9 – Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Berry Freeze

Prize #10 – Clinique samples, Youth Surge Night, Clarifying Lotion and make-up kit


From these prizes, I’d like to win prize #5, #10 and # 9.

A curve ball right? I have been leaning towards Etude House items in my previous posts particularly because my sister is an Etude House fan, that her eyes would surely light up  if ever I get to win those goodies for her. But then I thought wouldn’t it be better if I could win the bottles of perfume so it wouldn’t be just her who’d be happy but my Aspen-obsessed brother as well? Will still be getting him that Aspen Cologne Spray. But I am sure that he’d be thrilled with a new addition to his fragrance “collection” (Does 8 bottles, one empty count as a collection?). Or maybe this perfume could wean him off Aspen? So I could get back with Cool Water.

(Edited 2/28/11 for missing phrase: I think my sister will) like the Clarifying Lotion and Youth Surge Night since she has been getting less sleep lately since its crunch time for teachers (finalizing grades). And wouldn’t the makeup kit be a great keepsake to remind me of Lady E (because Bits and Treats is mostly a beauty blog = makeup kit)?

As for the lipstick, well, I haven’t tried a Clinique lipstick yet so, I’m curious. 

I may have learned a couple of things about Lady E upon joining her giveaway but I have to say that I have learned a couple of things about myself too. Like that while I prefer citrusy and cool scents, I have a couple of floral fragrances in my dresser.  And it seems that grapefruit is a common ingredient of my lotions.  And that I never really pay attention to the ingredients of fragrances and would rather associate them with memories. 

I learned that I don’t have a lot of DIY treats in my dresser, particularly because I am always in hurry and have so many, many things to do. Like sleep. Kidding.

Oh, I also learned that I tend to procrastinate. Okay, so I already know that. And that sometimes, I don’t really procrastinate, I just suck at tying up my writeups, essays, and posts. That I end up with a lot of them unfinished.

There’s still a couple of hours left to join so head on here for the final post, recap and details. Additional details are  found here. Take note that to qualify for a  prize, you have to answer a not-so secret question found in the post in which the prize appeared. Blog about the giveaway and include in your blog post the answer.

Now go. Join.

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