Quirkysuyen and House of Flair’s Birthday Treat

March being her birth month, Suyen of House of Flair and Quirkysuyen holds a giveaway to include her readers/fans in the celebration. One reader/fan will win an Urban Decay The Black Palette.

While one twitter follower stands to win a MAC Pret a Papier Collection Eyeshadow in Tissue Weight.

Giveaway is open to Philippine residents and is on-going until March 17, 2011. Join by clicking this link and following the mechanics.

I’m not sure if I’m a quirky person. I think I’m pretty average.  Except that…

…I call my cats babies, talk to them (things like, “good meowning.” and “you’re looking especially cute today.”) and sing them songs with changed lyrics (My darling cat likes Avril Lavigne’s “Hot”. Changed the words to “you’re so cute to me (insert cat name here).” Pretty normal for cat-lovers. Others would think I’m over the bend. Speaking of bend…

…I can bend back my thumb so it touches the back of my wrist for a little while. I need my other hand to pull down that thumb and hold it in place though. Okay, so this would be more of a weird ability.

…I arrange my clothes by type (jacket, polos, shirts, tanks, pants, shorts, skirts) then by color. I also keep a record of all the clothes that I own and when I wore them.  Hmm, that might be me being really OC than quirky.

Gotta end my list there before I scare people. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Quirkysuyen and House of Flair’s Birthday Treat

    1. Interesting. You baby your cats. Have an OC streak what with your makeup organization. And have a flexible thumb.

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