Le Grand Chat Scheduler


That’s what it says on the cover.

Anyway, I’m sure that by the time this post comes out everyone who uses a planner already owns one which they will be using for 2011. Except for students, maybe, since some get theirs June, at the start of the school year.

This is one of the planners I got from Landmark Trinoma last December. It was still available when I went there again last Sunday. A steal at P89.75.

There are several cover designs for this particular planner but they have similar page designs inside. I picked this one out because of the cat. The other covers are in green and in peach and have a picture of a girl. Hardbound and not too heavy at all. It doesn’t have a page marker or wrap around elastic band.

What it does have are smooth, pastel-colored pages. A personal data sheet welcomes you to pages with wonderful illustrations.


Though repetitive, I super love the prints and the cat posing all over the place. This planner has pages for both monthly and weekly planning. I guess it’s one of those perpetual planners since dates aren’t indicated. Nice if one is planning to use this sometime later. Not really if one needs the time, date, and month there already. Above is a picture of one of the monthly pages which are 13 in all. There’s space on the left for random notes. Also above  is a picture of one of the weekly pages which total to 65. Yes, there are extra pages to spare. All the monthly pages go before the weekly pages.


After the planner parts are 64 leaves of free space. Some of these pages are lined while others aren’t. Others have columns. Still there are those with grids and dots. They are scattered all over the latter half of the planner.

Of course, I’m not planning to use this planner anytime soon. It shares space with the rest of my collection.

10 thoughts on “Le Grand Chat Scheduler

    1. Hi Adela! Thanks for the mention and linking in you blogpost. I read you have this too. Now you got me wondering what the Fatty Cat planner looks like. Will have to drop by Landmark real soon.

  1. Omgeee! I love this. I got one from my aunty way way back when she used to work at Makati. It’s the prettiest planner ever! I haven’t used up the pages on mine just yet. But i really want to get one for 2015. :(( is there an online store i can go to to buy this?

    1. Hi Yennie from Queensland (my brother and his family are in Brisbane)! It had me at cat. Sadly, it’s not available at Landmark anymore and I don’t know of any online shops that carry it. 😦

      1. Oh my! This news breaks my heart. 😦 i tried searching online to find one but failed. I guess i’ll just have to move on then. Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it heaps.

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