Meet Lucky

Look! It’s our neighbor’s male cat.


He’s the father of four of our cats:  Suwerte,  Salmon, Tuna and Takas. We don’t know what the neighbors call him but we christened him Lucky since he is ‘malaki’ (big).  Hence, his offspring’s name,  ‘Suwerte’ (lucky).

I don’t know what his breed is but he’s definitely not the typical house cat one would find in most Philippine homes. His fur is quite dense and very soft. He has a very regal air about him and would rather not get into trouble. He’s quite polite when dealing with our own cats. He doesn’t challenge them into fights and prefers to lurk.

He’s also very unlike other cats who would run when you approach them. He likes neck rubs like other cats. He sometimes would lounge on our roof but usually I would just see him pass by our terrace, jump unto our roof, to our fence, then down the mango tree out front. Off to another adventure or to serenade another cat.

We don’t normally let him in our house but this time the sliding doors at our terrace were open and instead of heading for our roof which he normally does, he has cautiously walked inside.


Yes, you are not in Kansas anymore Lucky.

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