Pacita Abad’s Gift to Singapore

I have caught the Living Asia Channel’s feature on Filipino artist Pacita Abad a couple of times. It drove me to seek out the Singapore footbridge she had turned into a work of art.

Alkaff Bridge was at the top of my checklist of things to see when I toured the promenade along the Singapore River two years ago. I didn’t have a blog then. I decided to post this anyways as when out of the country, I tend to look for things that’s related to home.  I think other people also feel the same way and that they might be interested to know, if they haven’t yet, and thereby see for themselves the art bridge. A friend who works in SG once told me that she hadn’t heard of it until I told her. Some Singapore maps from the airport do not have the bridge on them at all.

missing bridge
bridge not missing

Alkaff Bridge is at Robertson Quay. It is quite near the Singapore Tyler Print Institute and right across Quayside. From Clark Quay MRT, the nearest MRT station, take a leisurely stroll along the riverbanks. You want the direction away from Merlion Bay. From the GMAX, this is the fourth bridge you will see. On the map, it looks like it’s as far as Ion Mall is to 313 Sommerset.

the bridge from afar

It’s easy to spot.  A burst of color at the river. It calls to mind the bright colors of Philippine fiestas.

from Quayside
from Alkaff Quay

 Pacita Abad conceptualized the painted design of the bridge and painted the handrails herself.

Pinoy Pride!
bridge marker

Details on Pacita Abad here. Alkaff Bridge (wiki page) here and of Pacita Abad’s work on the bridge here.

2 thoughts on “Pacita Abad’s Gift to Singapore

    1. Hi Kaye! You’re welcome. And right behind Clarke Quay (away from the river that is) is an overpass leading to Fort Canning. I haven’t been to the Singapore Tyler Print Institute which is near the bridge and also in Robertson Quay but they regularly have art exhibitions.

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