Kookamunga Krazee Kitty Catnip Spray

I got around to buying the kitties catnip last month as they were due for some kitty treats. Kitty treats usually meant a new toy or pet essential like bowls or commercial cat food. But after watching “How to Train your Dragon” for the nth time and reading a couple of online accounts, I thought my kitties were missing out on the funfilled haze induced by catnip.

I would like so much for Kookamunga Krazee Kitty Catnip Spray to work. Unfortunately, it did not drive them off the wall. After spraying copious amounts on their mats, I brought my babies in. They sniffed the air, wrinkled their nose then left. Seems that they didn’t like it at all.  I sniffed the stuff myself (I’m a human so, no, I didn’t experience cat bliss.) and I think it smells like grass and Ylang-ylang.

I’ve read that not all cats get a high out of catnip. I just didn’t thought that my kitties, all of them, belong to the unaffected group.

So to determine whether my cats are really not into catnip or are just not into that particular brand,  I am thinking of getting a different brand, maybe in another form.

If there’s someone who got a high from all this, that would be me (not from sniffing the stuff), after reading the FAQ page of The Chronic Catnip Company. I recommend clicking the link and reading it as well if you are depressed right now.


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