Universal Studios Singapore: Some Notes

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A year ago, Carl of SG Snapshot asked if I’ve been to Universal Studios Singapore or USS. I’m glad to report that I’ve finally been to the theme park. Yay! Thanks very much to my brother and sister-in-law.

We went there a month ago and the only attraction not operational was the Madagascar: a Crate Adventure. A bummer since we had expected all attractions to be open. After all, it’s been a year since the theme park opened its doors to the public. We had thought that the soft opening was long over but as it turns out the grand opening will be this Saturday, May 28.

Tickets. (Official website details here)

May be purchased at the ticket booths near the gate or booked and paid for online. For online booking, a printout of the booking confirmation and print@home tickets must be presented at the gate. We were concerned with the non-transferable clause of the ticket given that all the tickets we purchased were under my name but it turned out we were okay and all of us got in. For ticket prices, please click link above.

print@home ticket

We were able to get map schedules at a leaflets kiosk infront of the Universal Studios Store, first building at the main road to the left. Vouchers are to be claimed at the guest services, a building at the cornermost left of the gate.

Getting there. (official website details here)

There are several ways to get there. 1. Drive or 2. have a taxi drive you to Sentosa Island. 3. Ride the monorail which is at the 3rd floor of Vivo City to Waterfront Station (the first station) . The monorail was already operational when we got there at 9AM. The mall was also open at that time but not all shops. Top Up cards may be used for riding the monorail. 4. Take the RWS 8 bus for 2sgd outside HarbourFront Station and Vivo City. 5. Take cable car and from Imbiah, walk back to Resorts World. 6. Least recommended since one will be walking almost the whole day in the park is to walk along the Boardwalk. There are walkalators which provides respite from walking. At the end of the boardwalk, you will have to pay 1sg to get into the island.

Hours of Operation.

Park hours on the grand opening will be from 11AM to 9PM. Afterwards, hours of operation will be from 10AM to 9PM. At the moment, the USS is usually open daily from 10AM to 7PM, except on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays when they Hollywood After Hours which is from 7 to 9PM. There are days when this schedule ain’t followed so do check this page for any changes.

During our visit, all rides were open at 10AM and closed at 7PM.  Rides were stopped when it began to rain hard but opened again when the weather improved. We were unable to experience Waterworld and Pantages of Hollywood Theater since we were pressed for time. There were show times and some characters will only appear at a certain hour.

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Certain rides have shelves at the boarding area where you can leave your bags: Enchanted Airways, Cannopy Flyer. Bags are allowed at the rest of the attractions except for Jurassic Park Grand Rapids, Revenge of the Mummy and Battlestar Galactica Rollercoaster. There are electronic locker areas near these three rides. The lockers at Jurassic Park Grand Rapids will charge you upfront 2sgd (take note that they don’t dispense change so better have the exact amount ready.) The other lockers will only start charging after 30 minutes. So what some people would do was they would leave their bags at the other lockers then proceed to the Jurassic Grand Rapids Adventure then come back for their bags after the ride. Of course, they  have to make sure that they are back within 30 minutes, otherwise they need to pay the locker fees. Another trick is to change lockers every 30 minutes to avoid paying the fee.


A Jansport backpack can easily fit into one locker.  The electronic locker rental machine at the Jurassic Park Grand Rapids has a misleading page as it asks  if you prefer a large or small locker when there is just one locker size available. All locker rental machines (Jurassic Par Grand Rapids, Revenge of the Mummy and Battlestar Galactica) will ask if you will be renting a locker or opening a previously rented locker. You will be prompted for your birthdate and to choose a preferred color. After providing data being asked, a locker number will be assigned to you. To open the locker and get back your bags, you will have to go the machine and enter your birthdate and color. The screen will also display how long you have rented the locker and will prompt you if want to give up the locker. Make sure you have stuffed everything you want to leave in your locker before closing the door. Otherwise you will have to queue again at the machine which assigns the lockers.

A few notes:

1. It is best to visit the park from Monday to Thursday as there are lesser people = shorter queues.

2. The Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure will surely get you wet.


a) Purchase a 2sgd plastic poncho being sold at the waiting area for the ride (right after the entrance one will see a parks assistant and what I guess is a vendo machine). We didn’t have time for the WaterWorld Stage Show but I’d imagine the ponchos will be handy here if you get front rows. Same at the Lights, Camera, Action attraction at the New York zone. Ponchos will also be useful when the weather decides to not cooperate and it rains. Or…

b) Bring a change clothes.  The thing is, the restrooms nearest the attraction can be found outside the Jurassic Park gate. One is right after the Waterworld arc; the other is at the Ancient Egypt zone. Not quite far, but I’d expect USS would have one next to the ride.

3. Of course, for safety reasons, one is a advised not to use a camera during the rides. And flash photography is certainly not allowed at shows like Donkey Live but some get away with it. We were able to use our camera at King Julien’s Beach Party Go Around, Donkey Live, Magic Potion Spin, Jurassic Park Grand Rapids (only because our camera is waterproof), Treasure Hunters and Lights Camera Action.

4. We would ask staff roaming around the theme park to take our photos. If they’re not busy, don’t hesitate to ask them to take yours too.

Other visitors’ info may be found here.

I will be updating this post when I recall something else which I would like to add. Please note that the information I have provided may become irrelevant given that the show schedule sheet we got was for April 11 to 14 only, plus I have read somewhere online that Waterworld had 3 three shows when a particular visitor was there. Also things might be changed in the park once they have their grand opening.

More information about USS can be found in its official website.

4 thoughts on “Universal Studios Singapore: Some Notes

    1. Hi Kaye. I should be the one thanking you for the very interesting F. Sionil Jose post and for allowing me to tweet it to Freeway. 🙂 Sorry for telling you after the deed. I enjoyed reading your summary of the seminar. It really gives insight into his writings. The letter was especially juicy.
      Oh, I forgot to mention that the picture of the printathometicket above is incomplete as I have removed the barcode and other sensitive details. Enjoy your trip!

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