More Paper Products from Landmark Trinoma

paper products from landmark trinoma

Today being the first day of classes for most schools, I decided to post this picture of my stationery/paper poducts mini haul from a week ago. Except for the cat notebook at the upper left corner which is from SM Stationery Department, I got everything else from Landmark Trinoma. They have a couple of new stocks right now, including notebooks.

I have been getting stationeries/paper products from Trinoma ever since they decided to stock up on cutesy stationery/paper products. But only in small quantities after the big haul I related here since there were only a few that were calling to me until recently. I like stationeries/paper products  whose pages have prints (preferably cat prints) as opposed to ones that are plain or just lined.  Except when the cover’s really fancy, interesting or if the stuff is a collectible, then I might consider getting the paper product in question. I would get notebooks with cats on the cover without thinking twice though.

My other stationery/paper products  haunts would be Fully Booked (the biggest collection’s at Bonifacio High Street), Functional, Pink Box, SM Stationery Department, Saizen and the Reading Room at Cubao X.  Landmark Trinoma has the lowest price points among them. They sometimes have the same products as the other stores but they sell theirs at a lower price. Take the Bear Notebook at the lower left of the picture. It’s both available at Landmark Trinoma and SM Stationery Department. I got it from the former, P10+ cheaper.

Will be posting a couple of stationeries from my collection soon.

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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