Pilot Frixion – Erasable Ink

I am a bit wary about purchasing a Pilot sign pen. Or a Pilot ballpen for that matter. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have been using Pilot ballpoint pens for most of my high school and college life. Well, aside from cutesy pens and HBW, Panda, Uni and Zebra ballpens which are cheaper. And Lotus ballpens. I got turned off when they, the Lotus Ballpen people, got some actress to represent their product and they had this semi-suggestive commercial. 

Back to Pilot ballpens, I like that they produce fine lines.  However, as sure as I am that the ink won’t bleed unto the backside of the paper over time, I could also count on the pen being useless once it falls and hits a hard surface. For most of the time. It’s a hassle if it’s the only pen on hand and it dies on you.

Recently, I came across Pilot Frixion. Available in ballpoint and sign pen, refillable and non-refillable and in a lot of colors, this pen is supposed to be similar to a pencil in the sense that one can “erase” something one has written with the pen using the other plastic end. Hence, the name Frixion. Remember when you were a kid and your pencil’s eraser had run out and you’d try to rub off what you’ve written using your thumb? No? Was that just me? Anyway, that seems to be the idea behind Frixion.

I picked up a black sign pen (for P77) as I can think of a couple of instances when such a pen would come in handy. Here are pictures of it in action:

The pen works if one is to erase just a letter or word. Leftover ink marks are inevitable when erasing a phrase. It is also not a good idea to use this on a thin sheet of paper as dent marks will be more pronounced and vigorous rubbing could ruin the paper. Methinks this would be okay for teachers who have to fill little grids in their class records, report cards and school forms. Sure beats having to pay for extra forms.


2 thoughts on “Pilot Frixion – Erasable Ink

  1. I saw this pen in book store a while back. It got my attention but I think the ink is not really dark. I tried out a blue pen and it seemed too light for me plus the cost is pretty expensive for a pen.


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