Lady E’s Thanksgiving Giveaway

Pictures were taken from Lady E’s blogposts here, here and here.

Lady E is having a Thanksgiving Giveaway over at BitsandTreats. She’s giving away several really hot prizes. Check the following goodies out!

stationeries and post-its from Hyphen Pop

clothes from Hyphen Luxe

make-up from Hyphen and Lady E’s personal collection

discount coupons from Hyphen


Bobbi Brown Palette from Lady E’s personal collection


Elf Everyday Brights Palette

Clinique Pouches filled with Clinique goodies

There will be seven lucky winners. Dying to be one of them? Deadline of giveaway is until today, June 24, 2011. Head on to Bits and Treats now or you’ll be sorry. See her posts here, here, and here  for details.

Do visit Hyphen’s webpage and facebook for your beauty/kikay fixes.

Since this is all about thanksgiving, thanks are to rain all around. Lady asked in her post, as blogger what are you most thankful for.

I commented that I am grateful that  people visit my  corner of the blogosphere. I am thankful for these people, you who are reading this right now for taking time to hear my thoughts and joining me here.

I am grateful for everyone who drops by, for choosing to read my accounts.  After all, when someone makes a online search, he/she is faced with several options to click. Blog stats going up puts a smile on my face.

I am very much an introvert who prefers to keep things to myself hence the nom de plume salmoncat. But I am sure that a thorough search in the net would reveal my real name.  I like writing, which is not to mean that I am good at it. My greatest dream at one time was for something of mine to appear in PDI’s Youngblood. But being a voracious reader made me chicken out, seeing that there are a lot of people better than I am. Writing seems easier than interacting with other people face to face. It could be because I am a scaredy cat. Anyways, this is why I feel a lot better meeting people in this virtual world.  And I am very much thankful for these people who, without actually seeing me in person, have come to accept me and interact with me.  I am thankful that these people give weight to my words.

And lastly, I am thankful for wikipedia, wordpress and other blogging platforms, and online search engines without which blogging would be non-existent.

June 27 update: Lady E has moved the deadline to July 3, 2011 and upped the total number of winners to 10. Yay! The additional prizes? These:

Lash Glamour Mascara from Bobbi Brown

Final details are posted here.

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