BonChon Chicken

A week ago, we decided to drop by SM Megamall for the biannual Toycon – yeah! I was looking forward to adding to my collection of anime/kawaii stuff and my sister wanted to purchase several manga titles as well. However, queue for tickets was so long that we had to say pass that time.

The crowd spilled into the hallways of the 5th level of building B. There were a lot of cosplayers. We spotted Allen Walker of D-Grayman, Chobits, Ash of Pokemon and some characters from Naruto among a whole lot more.  We saw a cosplayer dressed as Harumi of Melancholy of Harumi Suzumiya. I regret not asking if we could take her picture. I learned later, through a photo gallery in that it was Alodia Gosiengfiao.

Earlier, we decided to have a late lunch over at BonChon Chicken. The place was also packed. Okay, so the dining area is small and a bit cramped since there are lots of tables. However at that time, the only table available had only one chair. The usherer made sure we got another chair though (Thank you.). The cashiers were friendly and enthusiastic, I think is the word, but not over the top.

BonChon Chicken, as its name says, is known for its chicken. Korean fried chicken, that it is. According to wiki, the chicken is fried twice resulting in crunchier skin, less grease.

We got value meals: 2 pc Drumstick Ricebox (2 chicken drumsticks, rice and drink) and Bulgogi Ricebox (beef strips with onions on rice and drink); and Kimchi Coleslaw on the side. There are two chicken flavors, garlic soy sauce and hot; and no ketchup or gravy in sight. We decided on the garlic soy sauce. The chicken arrived later than the beef.

I dug into the chicken with my hands, which I think is the best way to eat it, in your face with the savory smell wafting to your nose. You can hear the crunch as your teeth tear through the crispy skin, the garlic soy sauce flavor bathing your tongue.  My sister who tried the chicken but had separated the skin from the rest of the meat thought that the latter was a bit bland. The chicken is different from fastfood fried chicken I’ve been accustomed to as it isn’t drowned in breading. Compared to a local restaurant’s fried chicken which is leaning towards salty (but just the right saltiness), Bonchon is salty with a sweetish tinge.

As for the Bulgogi, my sister would have liked the lean beef strips to be a little more tender. The Kimchi Coleslaw was more of a coleslaw and less of a kimchi for me, but was a nice complement to the chicken because of the acidity.

BonChon Chicken Philippines’ official facebook page can be found here. They seem to reply to majority of the likers who post on their wall. Bonchon Chicken Philippines’ menu and list of branches are in their official webpage, which is currently under construction.


9 thoughts on “BonChon Chicken

  1. yah!!..all of you are correct the chicken in bonchon is masarap and yummy and also the dining crew are friendly and cute.,hehe,,especially in megamall thats why lagi ako babalik at kakain sa bonchon’;.’;

    1. Hi Aileen. I haven’t been paying attention to how the crew looked. Maybe I should be. I’m often ravenous when I’m there so my eyes are on chicken. Hehe.

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