Cats from Happy Meals

Confession time: I purchase Happy Meals / Kid’s Meals for myself.

cat happy meal kids' toys
Puss in Boots, Garfield, Littlest Pet Shop, Jewelpet

Oh yes I do! I’m a giddy kid whenever fastfood chains like McDonald’s, Jollibee, Wendy’s, Burger King and KFC come up with really good toys. By really good toys I mean anything that features a cat, has a cat in it or related to cats. Hehe.

jewelpet garnet toyMeet the latest member of my cat squad, Garnet. She’s a persian cat from the current Happy Meal toy offerings for girls, Jewelpet. Jewelpet happens to be an anime which I was not aware of until I did a google search. Garnet is not the main character, a bunny is, and apparently, the villains in the first act of the series were two cats. Boo!

Jewelpet is licensed under Sanrio (The same company where Hello Kitty comes from.) and Sega. This toy is supposed to be a bracelet, the cat hanging from the dark pink plastic ring. Her eyes and the jewel at her chest light up when she is pulled from the ring.


Next is this regal persian cat was part of the littlest pet shop toyLittlest Pet Shop Happy Meal Collection which came out last year. Her chair has a plastic hook at the back and she’s a bobblehead. Littlest Pet Shop is now under Hasbro. Originally they were under Kenner. I don’t think I’ve had a Littlest Pet Shop toy when I was a kid but I do remember them from commercials in between Saturday morning cartoons. As the wiki article pointed out, the newer toys have bigger heads and if I may add, eyes, making them look more like anime characters.

Puss in Boots was from a Shrek Happy Meal Collection while Garfield was from a Wendy’s Kid’s Meal.

I have other toys from Happy Meal’s / Kid’s Meals, most of which are anime-based. I am not a serious collector though. Remember 101 Dalmatians? I missed out on that but I had friends who would store hop or exchange doubles to complete their collection. Snoopy was a hit but not as huge as that.

Also, I like purchasing Happy Meal Toys which are movie-tie ins to remind me of how awesome a movie is. Ahem. Kung Fu Panda. Ahem.

I guess one of the draws of Happy Meals / Kid’s Meals would be the fact that toys from the same line, say Pokemon, are available in toy stores at a much higher price, though not exactly the same toy. With Happy Meals / Kid’s Meals, one shells out less than P50 for the toy. QSRs should stop saying that the toys are free with every meal. They are not. Just subtract from the total price of meal the price of the food items.

QSRs in the Philippines that carry toys as of the time this post comes out would be McDonald’s (Happy Meal), Jollibee (renamed Kids Meal from Kiddie Meal) and Wendy’s  (Kid’s Meal). Wendy’s turnover rate is not as frequent as McDonald’s and Jollibee which have new toys monthly. Burger King (Kid’s Meal) and KFC (Chuckie Meal) also offer toys sporadically. They don’t have toys right now.


3 thoughts on “Cats from Happy Meals

    1. Hellow Kitten! Don’t hate me.:) I think Jewelpet Garnet is still available in McDo stores. As for the others, there is a Shrek Spin-off, Puss in Boots movie in the works so maybe they’ll have a movie tie-in the future, Wendy’s usually offer Garfield toys and QSRs tend to re-feature lines, Littlest Pet Shop toys may be offered again. Different toys though.

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