Package from Bits and Treats

Weeks ago, an LBC package greeted me meow from my desk. As I have not purchased anything online recently, I 90% knew from whom it was from.

If you’ve read the third post below this one, you would know that I joined Lady E’s Thanksgiving Giveaway. And if you have clicked the links and been to Lady E’s blog, you would have known that I was one of those picked by MB via slips of paper raffle to take home one of the prizes. Yay! Thank you Lady E, MB and Hyphen.

The package coughed up quite a fuzzball.

A shirt-shaped stationery, 3 kawaii Post-its sets (no cats but the set of six has Eiffel Tower prints – Lady E collects ’em.), a tank and shirt combo (which I’ve already worn, sorry no pictures), a Tony Moly nail polish, the Bobbi Brown Palette, Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Stain (see Lady E’s review here), false eyelashes (which my sister lay dibs on) and  Hyphen discount coupons. Whew!

Yup, if the last package she sent me was a complete skincare package, this one’s a makeup package plus plus. 🙂 Thanks Lady E! Can I do a Golum and go “my precious”? The paper products have made pals with my paper products collection.  I don’t want to touch the makeup/nail polish yet. Will see how long willpower stands.

The clothes are from Hyphen Luxe while the paper products are from Hyphen Pop. The lipstain’s from Hyphen while the rest of the makeup is from Lady E’s collection. The giveaway’s over but if makeup, accessories and clothes are your thing, do click the links to check out stuff available online at Hyphen. Chances are you’ll spot something which will appeal to you.

If purchasing stuff online is not your thing, the Hyphen usually joins bazaars. They currently have a booth over at the Blessings and Prosperity Bazaar this week. Plus, they are having sales! Details below:

Hyphen 3-Day Online Sale
July 27-29
Check out their FB and online shop

Hyphen 2-Day Bazaar Sale
July 28-29
Blessings and Prosperity Bazaar
Ayala Avenue corner Rufino, Makati
(Some clothes from Hyphen Luxe are already on sale.)


4 thoughts on “Package from Bits and Treats

  1. Hey Salmoncat, the cat necklace is from my friend’s aunt’s store in Bangkok. If you would like to order one, let me know. It’s Bt199 (Thai baht), so probably around Php300. 🙂 Conversely, if they don’t have any more in stock, you can just have mine as a gift – if you don’t mind getting it second-hand, that is (I’ve only worn it twice!).

    1. Hi Wonder Woman. Sorry it took so long to post this. The cat necklace you wore in one of your posts was so pretty. Thank you for your very generous offer. Will be visiting your blog.

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