Kenny Rogers Hainanese Chicken

Yup, it’s another Kenny Rogers Hainanese Chicken review/post. This has been sitting on my drafts folder because I’ve been debating whether to post this or not.

Chicken Rice or Hainanese Chicken Rice is available in most kopitiams and hawker centers in Singapore. As low as 3sgd at some stalls, you get chicken previously boiled in seasoned stock,  served with piping hot rice made flavorful and fragrant by the same stock used for the chicken. Plus soup, also from the same stock. Though, according to wiki, there are those who would use special separate stocks for the rice and chicken.

Sometimes, sauces like ginger, chili and oyster/soy sauce are served with the dish. I say sometimes because while the Hainanese Chicken I’ve tried at local places were served with these, in the kopitiams I’ve been to, there may or may not be condiments placed at a corner of the stall along with several saucers. If there are,  you get to pick the sauce you like and how much. But with my order already on my tray, I tend to forget these sauces. Which I’ve never minded. The Chicken Rice I’ve tried in SG are tasty and can stand alone without the sauces or the soup.

Kenny Rogers started offering its own take on Hainanese Chicken sometime this year. As you can see from the photo above, the chicken served with rice came with the three dipping sauces and soup. No cucumber slices. Other people who’ve tried this and posted reviews online had cucumber slices. Their store poster for Hainanese Chicken had cucumber slices. It did not mention its inclusion in the blurb though. Oh well. The set costs P185, without drinks.

There were a couple of things that didn’t work for me: the chicken was too bland and the garlic bits in the rice were overpowering everything else. With all the positive raves this chicken has been getting online, I’ve been wondering if what I got was a fluke. Remember, no cucumber slices. And the chicken was not even sliced! The saving grace were the soup which had all the flavor and the sauces. They sure didn’t scrimp on these. The ginger sauce didn’t have fibers as it wasn’t a chunky pounded paste.

When it came to service, it was bad at that time at the SM Megamall branch. Look closely at the picture. I will leave it at that since there are times when I get good service there.

There are a lot more places in the Metro offering Hainanese Chicken Rice. lists their top ten here. For the rest of Kenny Rogers Roasters menu, this is their website.

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