Singapore Chicken Rice

We were at the Cubao area some time ago that we decided to drop by Singapore Chicken Rice. It’s at the back of Shopwise, along a row stores which include KFC and Booksale.

Singapore Chicken Rice’s set-up is like a fastfood/quick service restaurant with an ambiance that feels more like a beat-down diner. Prices are easy on the pocket, much like fastfood stores. It offers mainly Singaporean food and beverages like Nasi Lemak, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa, Satay and Milo Dinosaur. They have Western dishes as well (read: American fastfood staples like spaghetti.).  They don’t have Chili Crabs or Bak Kut Teh though.

I’ve noticed that since my last visit they’ve added Roasted Chicken to their menu. Not surprising as there are hawker stalls in SG also offering Roasted Chicken alongside “White” Chicken Rice, Hainanese Chicken variants. Still, we opted for the “White” Chicken Rice (See my thoughts on Kenny Roger’s Hainanese Chicken here.) plus Laksa.

The Chicken Rice meal was composed of chicken, rice, veggies, soup, ginger and chili sauce. No oyster/soy sauce this time. Chicken portions seemed small but was enough for the serving of rice. Both rice and chicken were very flavorful although the rice was not high grade. Which is not to say that it isn’t good. As I’ve said, it’s very flavorful. The veggies and soup were okay.  I hardly touched the sauces. The ginger sauce in particular was watery.  But that didn’t matter as the Chicken Rice can stand on its own, much like Chicken Rice in SG.

I encountered my first bowl of Laksa, a noodle soup, in the kopitiam of KK Hospital in SG. It was curry laksa and it was lurve at first slurp.  I just learned after checking wiki that there are two main types of Laksa: curry laksa and assam laksa. I guess that explains why the instant laksa noodles I took home as pasalubong  tasted weird. Do check the wiki link to know how they are different. As its name suggests, curry laksa is a noodle soup with a coconut milk and curry base. I’m not much of an assam laksa fan I’m afraid.

Good thing what Singapore Chicken Rice has is curry laksa.   It tastes like Paotsin’s. The people at the table next to ours concur. They parroted  my observation after I’ve said it out loud. 🙂 Well, there are differences though. Singapore Chicken Rice’s Laksa is not as oily or salty. The noodles seem to be the one used for pancit while Paotsin’s has flat egg noodles.  There was no pechay stalk. Mingling with the noodles in the soup were chicken and boiled egg slices. Spiciness is tolerable.

Considering the affordability and satisfactory taste of the food we’ve tried so far, we’re planning to go back next time to try the satay in particular.

I’ve posted this since Singapore celebrated its 46th National Day yesterday, August 9. Thank you to the country and its people (especially to a certain doctor at KK Hospital)  who have helped me and my family in many ways.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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