Stopped at Mongolian Quickstop

People in the office usually dine at their Robinson’s Galleria Branch. The one at the food court.  I’m not that enthusiastic though. I am turned off by how aggressive they are to sell their  menu. It has become a practice by most food stalls in mall food courts to have a crew member stand by the stall and get you to buy from them short of pulling and holding you until you pick something and pay for it. Granted no pulling was involved, but the times we’ve been there, the crew just wouldn’t shut up while we decided what to get. Like they wanted us to make up our minds the moment we stand in front of the stall. It’s not like we were delaying anyone as there were no lines at all during those times.

Nevertheless, I found myself in front of the stall recently with a couple of friends.

For those not familiar with Mongolian Quickstop, I’m thinking that it is the progenitor of those stir-fried noodle food carts which allows you to choose toppings and sauces to go with your noodles.  Mongolian Quickstop primarily offers Mongolian Bowls. You choose the size of the bowl then decide on what goes into the bowl from a host of ingredients laid out on one side of the counter.  You can opt to have rice or no rice with your order. You will be asked if you prefer sweet, sweet and spicy or spicy sauce for your order which will be brought to your table after it has been stir-fried.

Mongolian Quickbox, P85

This is what a Mongolian Quickbox order looks like. Portion is small but this is because I opted not to have rice in the mix since I’m already getting Java Rice. My bowl has mushrooms, tofu, squid, carrots, bean sprouts, shredded cabbage and noodles in sweet sauce. I can’t stand their spicy sauce, even their sweet and spicy one. (I can’t bring myself to eat Lucky Me Pancit Canton Extra Hot Chili but I like Lucky Me Jjampong and Laksa. Looks like my tolerance for spiciness may be related to the food being dry or with soup.)

Java Rice, P35

The Java Rice was so-so considering the price tag attached to it.

Beefy Mushroom, P90

Beefy Mushroom is an appetizer but I was craving for mushrooms so I got it to go with the Java Rice. It’s spicy stir-fried beef and button mushrooms. The portion is big for me but not enough for two persons.

Fried Mushroom, P55

I’m glad I got fried mushrooms as a side dish. (Didn’t I mention I was craving for mushrooms?) It’s another appetizer, fried button mushrooms coated in light batter served with mayo. It took the heat out of the beefy mushrooms. A friend thinks she can prepare this at home.

If you’re into spicy food, Mongolian Quickstop is worth checking out. Here’s the link to their menu and facebook page. Now if they’d only do something about their crew.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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