Genki Noodles, Food Court Find

Weather’s pretty fickle these days. It was pretty hot and humid a week ago with showers in the evenings (and a downpour Friday). Then recently, there were these couple of rainy days. What has been constant are the nippy mornings, making crawling off the covers an effort. A reminder that it’s just a couple of days before Christmas.

I was going about Greenhills last weekend, ticking off stuff from my Christmas shopping list. I decided to have lunch at the food court, to keep myself within my Christmas budget. After checking out the stalls, it is good to know that there are those that offer halal foods, I settled on Genki Noodles which I haven’t tried before. It’s a food cart at one’s left when facing the food court. It sits next to the more popular and very affordable Hong Kong Style Noodles.

There were three noodle bowl sizes, small for P35, medium for P50 and large whose price escapes me. I got the medium. See the size of the bowl on the pic at left? The diameter’s almost as big as the chopsticks.

I don’t really do chopsticks as I can’t seem to keep food from sliding off it and unto the table but I did my best, thought of it as practice and was pretty successful in fishing out the noodles, beef and bokchoy. I was provided a small ladle for the soup.

The noodles were al dente and they sure didn’t scrimp on the beef. The soup tasted like “sabaw ng nilagang baka” (beef broth).  I like that the whole thing was not oily. Slurp!

Full and warmed, I was ready to hit the stores again.  Genki Noodles also offers chicken chops which I may have to try next.

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