Parisian 2012 Datebook

I was just supposed to drop off gifts for delivery at the local courier branch. But then I happened to pass by the shoe section of the department store and promptly fell for a pair of Parisian wedge booties. Lace-up with metal grommets and fur. It’s rebellious and luxe at the same time. Will post pics sometime. For now, I’m posting pics of the Parisian 2012 Datebook which I got upon purchase of said boots.

The datebook has a red orange cardboard cover, staple binding and 56 smooth, dark cream-colored pages. It’s slightly larger in length than a usual school notebook.

Printed on the inside of the front cover is a 2012 calendar while the inside of the back cover has a 2013 calendar.  A personal info sheet greets you upon turning the front cover.

The monthly pages has tidbits about shoes and bags. Each month is followed by two pages for notes. Sparse watercolor(?) illustrations of shoes and bags are found on the pages.

The last three pages are allotted for contacts, at five contacts per page.

The back cover has a detachable flap which is actually a discount coupon. It entitles bearer to 20% off a P1500 one-time purchase of Parisian shoes and bags made from January 1 to April 30, 2012. Like most coupons, it can’t be used in conjunction with any promo.

For pics of last year’s datebook, check out this album from Parisian Shoes and Bags FB page.

I don’t know until when this datebook’s going to be available. But I do know that the mall is holding its annual year end sale. Now might be a good time to head on over.


2 thoughts on “Parisian 2012 Datebook

  1. I have the same datebook but I haven’t checked it out yet. I bought a bag last Sunday and the SA who assisted me gave me one. Thank you for saying that there’s a discount coupon at the back! Yippee!

  2. Discount coupons in planners are really nice, right? Though sometimes they make me purchase stuff whicn I shouldn’t. 🙂 The Parisian Datebook is a bit similar to the Jollibee 2012 Planner which is a far cry from its earlier incarnations. More of a datebook really and it doesn’t have discount coupons.

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