Festive Polka Dots

Care to know what’s inside? Title gave it away didn’t it? It’s what I will be wearing  to welcome the New Year.

I admit to having a certain fondness for mixing and matching clothing  and accessories to come up with an outfit. Usually using online apps and through some websites since it’s a lot easier than taking stuff from the closet and then putting them back in again.

Sometime last month, I joined Unarosa’s and Earthlingorgeous’ contest.  And my entry was picked to win this dress from Unarosa. Been so busy that it was a bit later after the announcement was made and I was contacted via sms when I was able to drop by the Megamall branch. By that time my size was out of stock. I was thinking that the collection moved really fast. Rather than have me take a size bigger, after all I’m getting it free, the staff offered me the dress in the pics. Same style, different color, my size. Fit is key, you know and the staff knew that and I’m really happy and grateful to them for making the call.

The dress is really pretty. It’s strapless and the hem is thigh-high. A figure-hugger.  It’s cream colored with not-so screaming red polka dots. There’s ruching at the sides, one of which hides the zipper.

Liking the draping at the bust area. The dress has breast pads so one need not worry about strapless bras doing a peek-a-boo. Just wish the pads are removable though.

I’m not familiar with textile but the dress’ semi-sheer but thick. The dress has a thick taupe lining as well.

One of Unarosa’s plus points are their clothing sizes. They have extra small and extra large sizes. Tags also indicate US and UK size equivalent should one be used to those.

Check out more of Unarosa’s pieces, collections and styling suggestions on their webpage. Get updates from their facebook page and twitter account. They are on sale since the 17th until tomorrow. Go visit a branch nearest you.

Also, do visit Earthlingorgeous for things that are current and on trend.

Thanks to Unarosa (Shout-out to the really friendly staff at Megamall branch and Anya of marketing.) and Earthlingorgeous, I’m going to be a positivity magnet.

See, polka dots are not only a trend for the last quarter of  2011. Wearing them (and other round prints) on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is considered auspicious by Filipinos as they are the shape of coins, signifying wealth. Today’s coins are not that much so I’m thinking gold coins. Hehe.

Red is also considered a happy and lucky color.

Looking forward to an prosperous 2012 and wishing all of you the same!

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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